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Robert Kewley Journal 1

Excerpts from his 1880 journal. Robert Kewley is the brother of Darrin's great great grandmother.

Robert Kewley Logan April 6, 1880

I left Logan 6 oclock a.m. it was A beautiful day, the snow was disappearing and many places was bare of snow, the train was well loaded with people going to the Annual conference, we landed in the town of Mendon, and picked up some more travelers, then went swiftly on our way, till we came to the divide, when we found our engine was not sufficient to pull her Load up the Hill, we mostly all got out and walked till the train got on level grade then we took a glance at the beautiful valley, with her newmerous towns and bade her adieu for the present then we went gliding along at A very slow pace till we came in sight of the beautiful valley with the great Salt Lake in view, then we went at a faster pace till we arrived at the beautiful town of Box Elder. 9 oclock we started out swiftley passing many beautiful farm Houses with their trees shooting forth their green leaves, it was A pleasant sight after comming out of Cache with her carpet of snow. we glided along nicely through many fields of lucerne & grain shooting there green sprouts upwards to partake of the spring showers, arrived in Ogden 10:30 a.m. it was an exciting sight to see somany people runing to & fro hunting satchels then children, the U P train came in, then the C Pall loaded with Passengers, then A rush for tickets for Salt Lake city. we boarded the Utah Central train and we ware soon landed in Salt L City. 12 oclock. after finding a place to leave my satchel, I went to the tabernacle, attended meeting the house was well filled. after meeting went to find a place to stay all night the houses was all full, after hunting some time, I succedid in getting a bed at the Overland house, among A good many strangers, I paid 50 cents and had plenty of company bugs. 

7 April after breakfast took a walk along main street viewing many ornaments advertised for sale, then went to the tabernacle and heard the beautiful Choir and large Organ playing, then heard Mr. Snow sermon. then went with Charles Lunberg to dinner. went to meeting in afternoon and heard my name with others called to go on A mission to Europe. then Bro. Lunberg said I could get my things and sleep with him. then we went to the Assembly room and heard Bro. Woodroofe tell his travels among the Southern Indians. then they Organized the Mutual I Association then went and staied at C. Lundbergs all night.

8th Thursday went to meeting and heard the Apostles bear A faithfull testimony of the work of God Called more missionaries and called for 1000 cows to give to the poor people and 5000 sheep then released poor people of half A million of megration money. had a long meeting then adjourned till October conference, after meeting I went down to see Mr Kelley and was very glad to see me, the invited me to come and stay with them while I stayed in Salt Lake City, I fetched my things down then went to Ned Callisters & Mr. Moors & Sarah Cannels. then staid at Mr Kelleys all night

Friday 9th  went to Council house and was set apart by Albert Carrington there was A good many missionarys ready for the states, it was A pleasant day and all went of well, staid at Mr Kelleys all night

Saturday10th visited round Salt Lake City went to see Mr John T Cain and other Manx people saw Bell Halsa, I was treated very kindley.

Sunday 11th stayed at Mr John Kelleys wrote my first letter. A good many of the Manx people came to see me and wanted me to take Messages to the Island to their relations. Stayed Kelleys all night

Monday 12th went up to the Land office and became American citisen. John J Kelley stonecutter one witness. John B. Kelley Bookbinder other witness.  then visited some of my friends and took dinner with Mrs. Kelley, then went to depo, A good many Manx people came to see me off. 2 pm oclock I left S. L. City and went gliding along passing the warm springs, then the hot springs, and was soon at the town of Farmington then went on to Ogden went to the Comercial Hotel and staid all night

Tuesday 13th got my ticket for Omaha theire was A great many people getting tickets and a good deal of confusion, then we boarded the Union Pacific cars it was quite a sight seening Husbands parting with their wives, & fathers & mothers parting with their sons going of in the world to preach the everlasting Gospel, 10:30 am we left Ogden and went gliding up along Weber river, sometimes crossing on A bridge, looking down you see the mudy waters A foaming and dancing among the rocks, then you look up at the snowy peaks of the Weber canyon, it makes A cold shiver run through you, then it began snowing and I got into my overcoat and drawed up to the stove then I began thinking of the dear ones I left at home we had two large Engines pulling our train up through the Weber & Echo canyons we traveled along all night snowing all the time.

Wednesday 14 when it was light the first I was the North Platt with her hugh cottonwood trees we passed A garrison of soldiers preparing to go down to Colorado to fight Indians, it was A very Cold day, we passed A good many small villages, the wind blowed very hard and the train had to go very slow for fear she would blow over, night came on and we went traveling along we organized into A company Mr. Roskelley was our Captain, we had singing and prayer everey night & morning then we would have A bible lesson in the afternoon. We went gliding along all night.

Thursday 15 was very cold we traveled along passing many towns till we came to Omaha then it was all confusion, we was too late for the train that crossed the Bridge but the Conductor showed his Kindness by getting premission to run his train across to Council Bluffs. we crossed on the great Bridge over the Missouri river it is built of Iorn one mile and half long we arrived in time to connect with the train for Chicago. we had ten minutes to get tickets and get in train, then we left Council Bluffs and wen at A fast speed traveling all night

Friday 16 crossed the Cedar River passed many beautifull places, crossed the Missippie river arrived at Chicago 4 pm oclock. then another rush, we got some omnibuses to take our things to the other train, it was quite exciting, to see so many trains coming and going, then we started of at good speed night soon came, and I was very sleepy but could not sleep oncount of so many trains passing and stopping at so many places

Saturday 17 stopped at Allicance 5 minutes for breakfast then crossed Allegheny river. arrived at Pitsburg. we found another large Engine at the line waiting for our train, it had the mail on, and the train was late, then we went with the two Engines at the rate of 70 miles A hour till we made up time, we went through, cuts &fills and over the level grade up hill and down you couldent hardley count the telegraph poles, till we came to the horse shoe bend it was A beautiful sight, the Engine and the hind car came close together. the train went around very slow. you look down at the bottom many hundred feet below it looks very dangerous then we went swiftley along till we arrrived at Altoona took supper and then down the Susquehanna traveling all night. it was nice weather and all well

Sunday 18 arrived in New York 5 a.m. oclock then crossed the Hudson river on A steamboat and was met by Mr Staines, went to Smiths Stevens Hotel took breakfast. and then went to view the city of New York. got on the Elevated Railroad and rode three miles for 10 cents it was A pleasant ride runing across the different streets and over the tops of houses it stops at different streets to take up passengers and deposit passengers then went to the Central Park it is A beautiful place, with its many drive ways and foot paths, and beautiful trees and fountains of water & vines & flowers & beautiful conservator full of all Kinds of flowers & plants & every Kind of tree. then you go to the large Museum with the stuffed oxen and the large whale bones, and the art galliery. then the driveway 3 miles long, you see the many hundred carriges driving their fast horses, with their silver mounted harness & gold mounted, and horses that you can see your self like, looking at A looking glass. then come home at night feeling very tired, stayed at smyths house.

Monday 19 went across the East Hudson river on A steamboat to Brooklyn.  then rode on the street cars to Greenwood Cemetary, it is a beautiful place many hundred soldiers buried, and many important statesmen, all Kinds of monuments from $100 to $60,000. the keep 100 men employed takeing care of the graves & flowers and Keeps the grass well trimed and the different foot paths well cleaned. came back to the Hotel very tired but enjoyed the visit very much.

Tuesday 20 took our things down to the large steam ship Arizona got all ready and left the docks of New York the weather was nice and it was A very pretty sight going out into the Great Ocean passing the many beautifull ships and steamboats all Kinds and all sorts, and we passed under the great Iorn ropes that is stretched across the Hudson river to form A iron bridge it has cost many Million dollars already. there was one man on board Joseph Vanderbilt, his many friends in A small steamboat went long side our boat singing, and then bidding Joe good by, soon our boat got up steam, then the shouted god bye Joe. then we in turn shouted good bye Joe, and soon passed out of sight, till we got out on the ocean, and met the piolet boat, the soon sent A small boat with four sailors to our ship and got the Piolet, then we steamed up and was soon out of sight of land. night came on and I felt very sick and commenced feeding the fish.

Wednesday, 21 A very nice day the weather was calm and the sky was clear we saw A good many ships pass, we traveled 10 Knots an hour, A good many on board was very sea sick, I was very sea sick I layed on deck all day couldn't eat anything vomiting all the time, went to bed earley

Thursday 22 A lie\ttle windit made the sea A little ruff we traveled 16 miles A hour. I was very sick couldn't eat anything, staid in the Cabin all day.

Friday 23 calm and clear in the Morning I was very sick, could not eat, in the afternoon it was very foggey and cold, the sailors said we was close to Ice bergs, I went to bed early.

Saturday 24 it rained very hard, I felt A good deal better got up and walked around, the steward said the taught he would have to make A box for me. I told him I booked to Liverpool and I was going to get better, he asked me what I would like to have to eat, I told him A little beef tea, so he got it for me and I felt A good deal better

Sunday 25 fine and clear, I felt A good deal better went to the saloon to breakfast eat very well. 10 am had service in the saloon, after dinner I went on deck and met some partys runing down the Mormons, the said the ought to be Kept in one corner of the ship, and not alowed to mix with the others, I told them we payed our passage, and that was all the done, and we had as much right to ramble around as the had, so I asked them if the Knowed anything about the mormons the said the knowed all the wanted to so I commensed quoting scriptures to them, and told them what we belived in, the said the never heard it that way before, then went to supper, after went to bed and had A good sleep

Monday 26 fine and clear. 16 miles A hour, I felt very well eat A hearty breakfast, met A gentleman and daughter. A talking A good deal about the Mormons. I asked him who told him so much, he said he could read anuff about them to satisfie him what the was. I told him what Kind of people we was, and talked A little about baptism he said he taught we had A bible of our own, I told him we had the book of Mormon but it dident contradict the Bible, after supper we had A concert in the saloon, some of our Missionarys sang and spoke pieces, the all seemed to enjoy it very much then went to bed and had a good night rest.

Tuesday 27th very windy, the waves would break and splash all over the ship, the ship did pitch up and down and plunge into the sea. I thought she would go the the bottom it made me feel very sick again I eat very little that day. I had A little conversation with the passengers the most of them was very sick. In the evening the Wind was Calmer, I eat A little supper and went to bed

Wednesday 28 fine and clear traveled 16 miles A hour I felt A good deal better, I eat very well, I had A good deal of talk with my friends about the mormons, the said we was A different people and our religion was diffrent, to what the had heard before, the said the could see by our examples what we was, if we had never said any thing. 2 oclock in the afternoon we saw land, and soon arrived at Queenstown, delivered the Mail, and steamed up for Liverpool, we passed A good many ships, I eat A hearty supper,then went to bed

Thursday 29 nice day passed Holyhead after breakfast I met my gentleman oponent & daughter he said he was very sorrey he had ever said anything about the mormons, he had never heard the truth about them before, and invited me to call at Chicago, and see him when I went back home 12.30 we arrived at Liverpool, we got on the tender and was soon Landed on the landing stage, then we went through the customs house, and our satchels was examined, then we marched up the street to 42 Islington, then we had A meeting, and went to A Hotel and staid all night Friday 30th went with 21 missionarys and had our Photographs taken, had A good bath and changed Clothing, after dinner I went to find my sister, and found her living at 32 A Myrtle street. her husband was in the shop selling papers. I asked him if sister Kewley lived their, he asked me if I was her brother and run and told her, her Brother wanted to see her. She was quite suprised to see me, she never heard of my comming, but was very glad to see me one of my cousins from the Isle of Man was there we stayed up most all night, talking about old times

Saturday May 1st After breakfast went to 42 Islington got my appointment to Labor in the Liverpool Conference, then went to see some of the boys of, going on the train to their feilds of labor, then went to St. Georges Church to see the Celebration of the first of May. It was beautifull the corporation houses was covered with ribbons and ornaments the fire Brigade was all decorated, the merchants wagon & hose Brewers, and all other branches of industry, and large bands of Music. then I went to the Museum, it was beautiful, all Kind of Animals & birds & other curiosetys then went to the Art Gallierys all kinds of pictures you could emagine, when we came out, the railroad company was exibiting their horses, the was A head taller than I was about 150 head, the was decorated beautiful, all as fat as could be

Sunday 2nd stayed at my sisters telling about Utah and the mormons. We had A very good time together, in the evening went to the New Jeruselm church, with my relations then came back and staid at my sisters all night

Monday 3rd went to the office then to the tailors shop with Bro. Nicklson for A new suit of clothing. Then I went with my Brother inlaw to the paper office. I see the fire brigade going through the street with their horses on the run, and the streets full of carts and people. the fireman had A sohrill whistle and the policemen cleared the streets it was quite A sight for me went to sisters all night

Tuesday 4 left Liverpool, and took train for Runcorn met Bro. Crane & Dixon had A good meeting at Bro. Gills then walked to Bro. Sweetman and staid all night

Wednesday 5th left Runcorn and took train and went to Chester and saw the horse raceing. Thousands of people was there all kind of amusement and all kinds of beting. I saw A Gipsey fight about twenty interesteed, then the brout the horses out the was beautiful horses ganted up proper for A race, the run seven different races from one mile to 3 miles. The Rothchilds horse got the Chester cup, the Prince of Wales was their. It is A beautiful race tract. Chester is A old fashionied place took train and came to Garston and had A good meeting and staid to Bro Dixons all night

Thrusday 6th left Gaston and went to Liverpool it was A pleasent ride through the many green pastures. Then went to my sisters and staid all night.

Friday went to Liverpool office, then to the docks and crossed the river Mercy on A steam ferrey boat with my broinlaw to Birkenhead then we went through the park, it is A beautifull place so many flowers and evergreens & beautiful fountains of water. We spent A pleasent afternoon together staid at my sisters all night.

Saturday 8th left Liverpool and took train to Manchester it is 40 miles and we went through in 45 minutes then Changed and took train to Oldham it is A very dull smokey place, my sister Anns Children live there the was very glad to see me, but was very sorrey their Mother wasent alive to see me she talked so much about me before she died. The neibors all came to see me, the said she was such A good woman we spent A sorroful evening together.  The children freting about their mother stayed at my niece Emiley Lees

Sunday 9 went around Oldham with my Nephu Henery Barnes we went to the park and seen the Monument of the Bell man blind Joe and some curious stones very large ones found in Oldham, it was A beautiful Park. Then my niece Elizabeth took me up to the Cementry and showed me the place where my sister was buired after dinner at my Bro-inlaws I left Oldham in Company with my broinlaw & his son Henery and went to Manchester then I bid them adieu, and took train for Liverpool then went to my sisters and staid all night.

Monday 10 left Liverpool and took passage on A beautiful steamboat named Douglas, the sea was very smooth till we got in to the Irish Channel, then it was very ruff I soon got sea sick 70 miles from Liverpool to Douglas. I was met by my cousin Jane Cannel, and my niece Lucey Kewley, and was taken up to my cousins, Kate Clucas she was very glad to see me and treated me very Kindley, her husband is A draper Louis Clucas, we spent A very pleasent evening together talkeing about America and the Mormons staid at Clucas night

Tuesday 11th I went to see my Uncle that lives in Douglas he was very glad to see me, he talked to me A good deal about my father & mother then I visited A few people who had friends in Utah. I found everyone was very buisey cleaning for summer it is a rule on the Island to get the house you are going to live in, at the first of May and keep it for A year. So the do all their moving and cleaning acording to custom between the first of May and the 8 of May. Then I took A walk along the promanade viewing the beautiful sea shore of Douglas the promanade extends about 3 miles it is all made of cement with gas lamps all along, with the many hundred bathing Vans along the sea shore, then I arrived at Derby Castle it is A very old place, old fashioned with its beautiful garden of flowers and ferns, went back to my cousins staid all night.

Wensday 12th took a walk down along the Harbor viewing the many fishing boats and many steamboats then to the battrey Pear it is A beautiful place built out into the sea for the large boats to land alongside it cost many thousand pounds, then I took A walk with my cousin to the nunnery grounds it is A beautifull place, so many beautifull flowers and ferns, and teautifull trees, the grounds are laid out with walks all through them with A stream of ater going through and many small boats for pleasure many visitors was their. I enjoyed my visit very much went to my cousins Clucus and staid all night

Thursday 13th walked from Douglas to Anchanit was A beautiful sight going through the many old fashioned villages and passing the old churches and old fashioned houses and the Hedges covered with blackberry bushes and primroses and much goss. I went to the Bellig farm andtold them I was from Utah and their wished me to call and see them the invited me in and treated me very Kindley, and asked me to stay with them all night. I talked to them A good deal about eh Mormon religion and America stayed with Thomas Cannel all night

Friday 14th Mrs. Cannell went with me to Laxey we seen the big Laxey wheel. I went up on the top of it. made me feel quite dissey then we went up to Machim house where the lift the buckets 150 fathmos we went through Laxey town back to Mr. Cannells and staid all night

Saturday 15 back to Douglas visited James Cannell Taylor to Pein see the steam boats come from Liverpool visited Charles Kewley. Staid at Cousin Kates all night

May. Sunday 16 went with Mr. L. Clucas to Battrey Peir went to Port Sodrich with Pat Kewley my uncle, rode back on cars to Douglas. Staid at Mr. Clucas

Monday 17 went with Uncle Pat to Greenba to see where my grandfather raised his familey, to Colslue where my father was raised the estate about six hundred acres mostley Mountain Land, visited James Kewley A cousin visited Nicholas Kewley my fathers oldest cousin liveing at present, visited Bells cousins of my fathers, back to Douglas said with Mr Clucas

Tuesday 18/80 staid in Douglas visiting my cousin Charles & Uncle Pat Kewley staid with Mr Clucas

Wensday 19 went from Douglas to Peel with my cousin Essiabla, visited the house I was born in, and was showed the room I used to sleep in 28 years ago crossed the river Neb to Peel Castle where I used to visit and play when A boy. The Keeper was well aquanted with my father he went with me and other visitors and shoed us the ruins of the castle, and told A great many anacdotes that happened there Staid at Mr. Radcliffs all night

Thursday May 20/80 visited William Haulsa he married my mothers youngest sister. But she died giveing birth to her first children twin girls. His daughter Minney went with me to net factorey saw A good many weomen that was aquanted with my sisters, visited Sue, Ann, a Jane Keig relations of Mrs. Wattersons Logan, visited Jacky Watterson & wife & Christian Watterson visited Mrs. Henery Graves she was in the garden planting flowers. And I knowed her very well. She was pleased to see me and invited me next day to tea

Friday May 21/80 visited Ccraser Halsa, visited Mr & Mrs. Cowley, visited Rob Cubbon he was quite sick, and the poors looking man I ever saw  visited Mrs. Fell my cousin liveing across river Neb, on Peel hill. then went to Mrs. Graves she had invited (Mrs Kelley A cousin of Mrs. Thomas Tarbets Logan) to tea we had A very warm time talking about the Mormons as we set in the Parlor which was decorated very nice with costley furniture, and many choise skins from forein countreys. Had A nice fernery in large bay window. Mrs greaves said she rememberd very well the last Sunday my father & Mother eat supper at their house and how agraveted the was to think the had joined the Mormons she said my father worked 22 years for them, and A honester man they never saw. We went in dineing room to tea.  The table was well decorated with flowers & beautiful china dishes. She had bought A large Crab for me which was quite A treat, the first I had ever eat Miss Christian her youngest daughter was there, but her two sons was at Kingseal Ireland tending to the buisness of there boats. she gave me two nice dolls for my little girls staid at Mr Heaths 

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