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 Elusive People

Estella Jensen Weech (1894-1970): Who are her real parents?

Stella is my great grandmother. She was adopted and went her entire life not knowing who her biological parents were. Her daughter searched and so have I, but we?ve hit nothing but dead ends. It doesn?t help that she was born before Utah became a state. Stella was born 14 Jun 1894 in Taylorsville, UT. She came home with her adoptive parents, the Jensens, near the end of July that same year. The adoption was arranged by a MRS. STEADMAN of West Jordan, UT. Recently I discovered that this was most likely Martha Ann Wardle Steadman, wife of Hyrum Steadman. A Salt Lake City directory from 1893 lists both Hyrum Steadman and Stella's father Neils Jensen as residents of Taylorsville and employees of the same company, Bennion & Bennion. I have searched Salt Lake County's adoption records many times under quite a few different names, but I have not found anything. Did the adoption take place somewhere else? Was Stella's mother related to Mrs. Steadman?
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Betty Ainsworth/Burron Lythgoe (1753-1838): What was her true last name? How many children did she have?

According to the writings of James Lythgoe, his father Thomas (b.1804) was the son of Joseph and Betty Lythgoe and was the last of 14 children. A 1786 marriage between a Joseph Lythgoe and a Betty Burron seems to clarify Betty's last name, but then why did Esther Lythgoe Robinson (daughter of James) write in her short biography of her father that Betty's maiden name was Ainsworth? (Martha Lythgoe Mikesell, granddaughter of James, also wrote in her genealogy book that Joseph's wife was Betty Ainsworth.) Why also are at least three of the 14 children unaccounted for? Fourteen children is a lot to have in 17 years (Joseph died in 1803). At her marriage, Betty was listed as a "spinster," meaning one who had not previously been married, but could Joseph have had another wife before her? Another interesting note: There is a marriage between a Joseph Lythgoe and a Betty Birchal in Leigh in 1780. There is also a James Birchal married to a Betty Ainsworth in a nearby parish about the right time for them to be Betty's parents, although I cannot find a record of Betty Birchal's baptism that would link her to them. Could Betty Ainsworth be Thomas Lythgoe's grandmother instead?
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Matilda Crisp (1820-1872) and William Goodman (1807-1866): Does one of these people have royal ancestry?

Grandson Jimmy Moss (long time superintendent for Granite School District), says in his history that his mother, Fanny E. Goodman [daughter of Matilda and William], "was born in Aspley near London, an only child from a line of royalty." I have successfully traced the some of the Crisp and Goodman lines back several generations, but still no trace of royalty. Where is Jimmy's lost research?
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 Mystery Photos

Friend or relative of Lavinia Mitchell Lythgoe?

Lavinia's daughter Mary found this photo among Lavinia's papers after her death. It doesn't look like anyone know, however. Could it be a Mitchell? A Carlisle? One of Lavinia's boyfriends? The folder says the photo was printed at the Maggard studio in Ashland, Kentucky.
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Who are these people?

Are they Lythgoes? Harstons? Mitchells? Somebody else? The photo was found by Mary Lythgoe Bradford. It most likely came from one of her parents.
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It Looks Cold!

That's what the caption says. The picture was most likely taken on or or Leo Lythgoe on his mission in Nevada (see the car's license plate). Is one of the men Leo?
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Is this Matilda "Millie" Ellen Moss?

The name on the back of this photo is "Matilda Moss". A check of a few other photos in my possession that are known images of our Matilda Moss seems to indicate, however, that this is not a photograph of the same person. I've also spoken to a few elderly relatives on the Moss side who were also in agreement that this wasn't Millie What do you think? Some have suggested that she looks more like a Boam
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Friends of James and Hannah Lythgoe?

This photo was taken about 1896 and mostly shows the combined family of James Lythgoe and Hannah Johnson, who married in 1892 and began having their own children. The question is, who are the two older-looking people on the back row? Apart from them, those pictured are: back row (L to R): Mary Johnson, two mystery people, Hyrum & Ephraim Johnson; middle row (L to R): James Lythgoe, Joseph Johnson, Martha Lythgoe, Hannah Johnson Lythgoe; front row (L to R): Niels Lythgoe, Brigham Lythgoe. Esther Lythgoe Robinson, the youngest child of James and Hannah, wrote on the back of her copy that the two people were "Aunt Catherine and her second husband." This would be Catherine Harrop Lythgoe and George Harston, but this is wrong because George Harston died in 1877. Also, known photos of Catherine Harrop taken around this time (1896) show little resemblance to the woman in the picture. Are the people friends or family of either James or Hannah?
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Is this Fannie Goodman Moss and two daughters?

This photo came from the same batch as the previous one ("Matilda Moss"). The owner of the batch has suggested that this might be Fannie Goodman Moss and two of her daughters, one of which could be Matilda. Once again, however, other photos of Fannie Goodman Moss seem to tell a different story. Not only that, but two elderly Moss relatives have both looked at the photo and decided without any doubt that this is definitely not Fannie. Are there any other opinions out there?
Matilda Crisp and Husband?

At least one person is convinced that this is Matilda Crisp, and that the man is her husband William Goodman, but I'm not so sure. The photo was taken in Salt Lake City, but William took sick and died within three weeks of his arrival in Utah. I doubt he would have had the time, money or stamina for such a photo. If this is really Matilda, then I believe the man is her second husband, William Kingsbury. Can anyone verify?
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