Patriarchal Blessing of James Lythgoe

Henefer, Summit County, Utah
October 29, 1900

A blessing given by John Smith, Patriarch, upon the head of James Lythgoe, son of Thomas and Esther Lythgoe, born in Pendlebury, Lancashire, England on March 15th, 1842.

Brother James Lythgoe according to thy desire I place my hands upon they head and as the Spirit shall direct pronounce and seal a blessing upon thee. Thou art of the House of Israel and through obedience thy name is written in the Lamb's book of Life registered in the Chronicles of thy Fathers. In thy youth you were true to they trust and according to thy knowledge did listen to the words of the Lord with an honest heart and when the Gospel reached thee thou didst yield obedience thereunto and were called from thy native land to partake of the blessings in Zion to complete the work of thy Father and to become a Savior among thy kindred for there are many honest in heart both among the living and the dead who would gladly unite with there in the kingdom of our Father if convinced of the truth, and thou art a legal heir to this privilege holding the priesthood. It is thy duty to sit in council with thy brethren, to teach and to exhort the younger that they may receive benefit through thy experience.

It is thy privilege to labor much in the Ministry at home and also in the Temples for the living and the dead. Therefore slacken not thine endeavors to do good and the blessings of the Lord shall attend thee and give thee peace and if thy faith fail not thy days and years shall be prolonged until thou art satisfied. Be prudent and thou shalt be prospered in thy labors temporally. Thou shalt give unto the needy and comfort the hearts of the fatherless. Thou shalt strengthen the weak and cheer up the bowed down and comfort the hearts of the fatherless that thy fame as a Father in Israel shall go forth among the people.

Thou art of Ephraim and entitled tot he blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and thine inheritance is among the Saints. Therefore look forward to the future with pleasure for better days await thee.

This blessing I seal upon thee in the name of Jesus Christ and I seal thee up unto eternal life to come forth in the morning of the first resurrection.

Even so, Amen.