History of James Hard Jr.

From the LDS Family History Library


James Hard Jr., the oldest son of James Hard (the First) was born in Derby, Conn., Jan. 8, 1695, and died (probably in Newtown) in 1766. He married Hannah Kimberly, born January 19, 1698, the daughter of Abraham Kimberly, 2nd., and Abigail Fitch Kimberly. In the Connecticut records in October, 1781, there is reference to the "distribution of the estate of Hannah hard, late of Newtown, deceased." Evidently she died some time prior to October, 1781.

During his life time, James Hard Jr. was active in the military life of Conn. The Colonial Records refer to him as a second lieutenant in August, 1755, and as a first lieutenant in March, 1756, and again in March, 1758. In may, 1761, this entry appears: "This Assembly do establish Mr. James Hard Jr. to be Captain of the First Company, or train band, in Newtown, in the Fourth Regiment in this Colony."

James Hard Jr. had six sons. There is no record as to any daughters [yes there is - DJL]. His sons were: Abraham, James, Abner, Amos, Zaddock and John. Of these sons, Abraham, James and Zaddock settled in Vermont (then a frontier); Abner and Amos remained in Connecticut and John died at sea. The son, Amos, is mentioned in the will of James Hard Jr.