History of James Hard

From the LDS Family History Library

James Hard (the First) was born in England, but the place and date of his birth has not been determined. So far as is known, date of his arrival in New England is not known, but it is believed that when he arrived, he settled at Derby, Conn.

The land records of Derby show that James Hard, William Tomlinson and several others, of Derby, bought land from the Indians on August 15, 1698. These records also show a grant of land from the town of Derby to James Hard on March 13, 1699. James Hard sold land in 1704 and 1710. He bought land in 1711. On July 21, 1711, he sold for 135 pounds "my late mansion house and barn and home lot," and certain other lands.

About this time, he seems to have sold all of his Derby property and moved to Newtown, Conn., some 30 or 40 miles from Derby. Apparently he was one of the original settlers of Newtown. He had property rights there as early as 1710. From then on, there are a number of records of purchases and sales of property by him. He served as a selectman of Newtown as early as 1713.

James hard married Elizabeth Tomlinson, the daughter of William Tomlinson, who came from England, and who died in Derby, Conn., Dec. 9, 1711. The date of the marriage of James Hard and Elizabeth Tomlinson is not known. They had at least three children – James Jr., Ruth and Joseph. There may have been others, but there is no record of them. It is not known just when James Hard died. The last record of him is a record showing the transfer of a house, barn and four acres of land by him to his son, James Jr., in 1726.

History of James Hard (2)

From The Ancestors of Anson Wales Hard

James Hard, the progenitor of the Hard race in the United States, came from England, probably about 1680. He had fought for King Charles I, and as a reward for his services, King Charles II gave him a grant of land in Fairfield County, Connecticut. About 1693 he married Elizabeth Tomlinson of Derby, Connecticut. Their children:

JAMES, born January 7, 1695; moved to Northern Vermont from New Milford, Connecticut; children: Abner, born 1719; John, died young (drowned); James III, born about 1725; Amos, born September, 1730; Abraham, born about 1733; Zaddock (see page 94).

RUTH, born February 10, 1705.

JOSEPH, born September 1, 1707; had two sons who died without issue.