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From Rootsweb site: "Contact Angela DiBlasi adib102684@aol.com; updated 8/14/04 - "Major surnames: Creasy, McKee, Collins, Walker, Swann, Dyer, Tate, Goslee, Greenley and more."

Note: facts about coat of arms:
Note: These are the arms of Sir Francis Swann of Wye granted 1533 and brought to Virginia by William Swann of Swann's Point, Surry County.
Note: Provided by Jeff Swann
HIST: PLEASE NOTE: i got my information from the Jeff Swann web page and the James/Chambers family web page. 
Swann, Francis Sir (I15390)
From Rootsweb site: "Contact Angela DiBlasi adib102684@aol.com; updated 8/14/04 - "Major surnames: Creasy, McKee, Collins, Walker, Swann, Dyer, Tate, Goslee, Greenley and more."
One of the first Swann's in Virginia was William Swann of Southfleete, Kent. William was born at Gravesend, Kent in 1586, the son of Samuell Swann and a descendant of Baron John Swan of Kent. William Swann married Judith Greene, the widow of William Austen, at St. Dunstain's Church, Middlesex, England on April 16th, 1612. William came to Jamestown, Virginia in 1616 and had a son, Thomas, there and then went back to England. William was a stockholder in the Virginia Company and was appointed Royal Customs Collector of Virginia. The Swanns finally settled permanently in Virginia in 1635. William served as Land Registrar and Royal Customs Collector of the Virginia Colony until his death in 1638.

William was granted 1200 acres of land across the James River from Jamestown in Surry County. He purchased a farm which was Jordan's Point and named it Swann's Point, built tobacco planttion, which is still on the maps today. This plantation later was repatented in Colonel Thomas Swann's name after William's death. William and Judith are buried there in the family graveyard. The Swann family Coat of Arms is engraved on the tombs of William and Thomas Swann at Swann's Point and these Arms trace themself back to 1533 when they were granted to Sir Francis Swann of Wye, Kent.
Virginia was going to build a bridge across the James River at this point, but a few relatives persuaded the State to turn Swann's Point into a wildlife reserve. Thomas, the eldest son, inherited the land and became a member of the Virgf Burgesses. Tom's younger brother, Edward, was granted land in St. Mary's Co., MD and moved there in the 1650s. Col. Edward Swann married Susannah Heath and had 10 children. Edward had plots of land all over St Mary's/Charles County, and is presumed to have died after 1666.

States parents were William Swann and Amy Deering.
siblings listed as: George, Sir Frances, Muriel, and Margaret. 
Swann, William (I15382)
from the will of her brother Edmund Howard: ...and all so to my dear and only sister Mrs. Hester TINSDALE wife to Mr. Athetstone TINSDALE upholster in Bristol & to her husband I give to each of them twenty shillings sterling to buy each of them a mourning ring if they be in the land of the living at the time of my decease. 
Howard, Hester (I15305)
Granddaughter of Colonel Henry deCourcy and Elizabeth Smith Carpenter deCourcy. Col. Henry deCourcy was the Secretary of Maryland in 1650; Chief Justice of the Maryland Provincial Court in 1654-55; Colonel of Foote, Cecil and Kent Counties in 1676, 1678, and 1684, respectively; and a member of a commission that made treaties with the Northern Indians - the Iroquois at Albany, New York -- in 1677 and 1682. 
deCourcy, Elizabeth (I15365)
He had a daughter Rebecca, who in 1716 was referred to in the will of Elizabeth Howard as her god-daughter. 
Dent, George (I15211)
He married Susannah Slye. (His birth, death dates and spouse from Calvert Co Newsletter, April 1966, p 4)
There was a Robert Slye Wood who witnessed the will of William Stevens HOWARD on 15 December 1733, very probably some relation to Susannah. 
Briscoe, Edward (I15284)
He married Susannah Williamson. (Calvert Co, Newsletter, April 1996, p 4)

left residue of estate of his mother's will 1739, ex w/ bro James. 
Briscoe, Philip (I15278)
He was vicar of Woodburn Bucks and educated at Merton College, Oxford. 
Wilkinson, Gabriel (I15201)
His wife's name was Ann.
1704, Mar 6. Charles County. Administration account of Samuell Compton included payments to Phill. Briscoe, Mathew Compton.

1706, Sept 25: Thomas Dixon [the husband of the relict of Samuell Compton] and Mathew Compton were the appraisers of the estate of John Russell, Charles Co. 
Compton, Samuel (I15233)
His wife's name was Elizabeth (Calvert Co Newsletter, April 1996, p 4)

left residue of estate of his mother's will 1739, ex w/ bro Phillip 
Briscoe, James (I15281)
http://members.xoom.com/desotojohn/Military/Military.htm (desotojohn@hotmail.com (John Compton)
Kentucky 1830 census: Compton,Edmund H. Washington Co., page 179, no township listed

He served as an ensign in 1st Cont. Regt 27 May 1777 and as Lt in 1st Maryland Cont. Regt. 18 Feb 1780 to 1783.

Listed on 1835 Kentucky pension list:
Edmund Compton
Marion Co. KY.
1st Regiment
Maryland Line
$320.00 Annual Allowance
$2720.00 Amount Received
August 19, 1828 Pension Started 
Compton, Edmund Howard (I15273)
lists children: Thomas, Matthew, Samuel, John, and Edward. 
Greene, Judith (I15383)
Austen, William (I15392)
Immigration information needs to be verified.

Comment: The Compton name appears again about a hundred years earlier in 1516-1636 when a Henry Compton marries Ann Hastings, daughter of Francis Hastings (1514) Earl of Huntingdon of Ashby, Leicestershire, England, and Catherine Pole, Countess of Huntingdon. Curious if it's still the same Compton line. (See note of son John C.) 
Compton, John (I15290)
Immigration information needs to be verified. 
Freeman, Susannah (I15298)
John C. Compton and his son Mathew Compton both used the Compton family of Northampton, England's seal on documents. The family is in the Earle of Northampton and is listed in Burke's Peerage.

(from Sarah Browder 12/15/03)
JOHN COMPTON (1-1) the first of this family to reach American soil as far as
is known, came to Maryland from England about 1662. CAVALIERS and PIONEERS by
Nugent Vol I p 147 shows a John Compton transported to Mockjack Bay area of
Va near the Severn River by Thomas Williams in Aug 31, 1643. The question
that will probably remain unsolved is whether this is our John Compton or not.
(According to Skordas' "Early Settlers of Maryland" John Compton was in Charles
Co prior to 1664 L. 7 f 490 ).Some will argue that if a person was transported
by someone else then how could he have obtained land so quickly. His first
piece of land was Brathwood, in Charles Co, an estate of 800 acres surveyed
for him was patented 12 June 1665. Also a patent of 200 acres called Boswell
was also issued the same year. So it seems John was not destitute when he
arrived to have acquired over 1000 acres of land. In 1675 he married Mary Clarke,
widow of Robert Douglas and daughter of John Clarke( will dated 12 Aug 1698-
6.177) and probably granddaughter of Robert Clarke (will dated 21 July

It appears John Compton was born in England circa 1629 and died by 18 Jan
1717/18 Charles Co, Md when will was probated.

John Compton appraised estate of John Clarke 9.212 Inv. Lb 63.11.0 26 Nov
1696 (Md Inventories and Accts V 3 p 150
(V 6 p 14 Mary Douglas 20.27 acct Charles Co Lb 20.9.8 payments to Dr
Briscoe, Sarah Smith (extrx of Ralph Smith) due on administration of estate of
Robert Douglas. Admins. John Compton Jr.
The following children were known from this marriage:
2-1 John Jr, b 9/21/1667; d. 1714; m. -left 3 ch. under age of 9
2-2 Samuel b 6/11/1669; d. 1703; m. Ann ?
2-3 MATHEW see below:
2-4 Gerrard, b 10/8/1673
2-5 Elinor, b 7/21/1677; m 9/21/1694 Henry Hardy
2-6 James, b 5/20/1679
2-7 Rachel b 5/22/1681
2-8 William d 1725 (no real proof of him)

John Compton -900 acres called Boswell in St Mary's Co (Land Office Patents 7
p 499 and 502 dated 24 Jan 1664) and Edward Swann 200 acres called Chestnutt
Point in Charles Co and 1200 acres in St Mary's Co called Eagleton -same
book and page . Edward Swan transported persons in 1662, 1663, and 1664. John
Compton was witness and also stated he was due land by custom of colony for
transporting himself into
Charles Co( Land Office Patents Bk 8 p 460-464. What with closeness of John
and Edward Swan it is only natural that their families would intermarry,
considering the scarcity of those entering the colony at that time. More on the
Swann/Swan family in that chapter.

John Compton's will was made 29 May 1713 and was probated Charles Co 5 March
1718(Charles Co. Accts: L 2. f 447). Heirs given as "eldest son John-2/3 of
land lying both in Charles and St. Mary's counties and 2/3 of estate, both
household and goods chattles and horses"; "son Mathew 1/3 of patented land in
both Charles and St. Mary's", after their deaths it shall pass to nearest of
Compton kin of either son. Both sons were appointed executors. Test: Phillip
Briscoe, Sr, John Fairfax, Susanna Briscoe Liber 15 folio 8 (No mention of
wife or other children.)

Abstracts of Inv. & Accts of Prerog. Ct of Md-Skinner V 8 p 35 John Compton,
Jr. 36A. 242,235 Acct. Charles Co Lb 13.15.8 27 Aug 1714 Lb 37.18.7
Admr: John Compton Sr

1664, Dec 21: Claimed rights at his lordship's land office for 50 acres of land for own personal adventure into Maryland. At same time he showed importation of a Richard Louder, acquiring 50 acres, and another 100 acres assigned to him for bringing in Thomas Thorowgood and wife Frances. Thus he came in on his own and unmarried. Therefore he was immigrant ancestor.

1665: Obtained 200 acres in St. Mary's Co "Boswell." John Compton and Robert Page of Maryland received, by patent, 800 acres. The land is called "Brothwood," lying in St. Mary's County in the woods, bounded by land of Edward Swann. Swann's land was called Sageston (Egglestone?)
from Sarah Browder:
1665: John COmpton and Robert Page of Maryland received, by patent, 800 acres.
The land is called BRATHWOOD, lyingin St. Mary's Co in the woods, bounded by
land of Edward Swann. Swann's land was called EGGLESTON in May 15,1666. John
Compton and Robert Page assigned Brathwood to Walter Bayne.

1666, May 15: John Compton and Robert Page assigned Brotherwood to Walter Bayne.

1677: list of debts of the estate of Robert Hunt includes John Compton.

1686: Appraised the estate of John Clarke, deceassed of Charles Co Dec 1686.

1698: witnessed the Charles County will of Ralph Smith.

1702, Mar 2: in a deed, land in Chas Co. called Watson's Choice, was said to be bounded by Edward Swan and John Compton. Liber Z p. 4.

1705, Jan 28: deed from John Compton, planter, to Cornelius White, Gent. The land adjoins the land of John Pile's Saram Manor and John Compton. Laid out for 50 acres. Witnessed by Robert Saintclair, John Sander. Liber Z page 273.

1712/13, Feb 18: a witness of the deed from John Woodyard, carpenter, and Jane, his wife, to Henry Brett. Liber D#2, Page 40.

1713, May 29. Wrote a will in Charles County. Left 2/3 of patent land and 2/3 of his personal estate to his eldest son John, and 1/3 of each to son Mathew. The land lies in both Charles and St Mary's Counties. Ref: Maryland Calendar of Wills, vol IV p. 191.

5 Mar 1718. William Compton who signed inv. of John Compton Sr as next of kin, must have been a son & heir of John Jr. 
Compton, John C. Sr. (I15180)
Line of Mary Martin (martinmc@erols.com) 2503 Jackson Pkwy, Vienna, Va 22180, 6-17-97.

Mary Ellen Compton b May 28, 1938
m Oct 25, 1958 Catalpa Culp, Virginia
Luther Granville Martin b Aug 21, 1921 Springfield, WV
son: Ronald Granville Martin b Aug 12, 1959 
Compton, Stephen Sr. (I15179)
Listed as 2nd son in father's will.

9 May 1709. Deed of Gift from Thomas Howard to his brother George Howard a roan mare; signed: Thomas Howard. Wit. William Howard & John Howard. (Elise, Abstracts of Charles Co, p 81.

He had a son Thomas who was left "residue of estate" in the will of Elizabeth Howard, dated 1716, young Thomas' aunt.

1722-1726 Inventory witnessed by his brothers William and John, admr. Elizabeth Howard. 
Howard, Thomas (I15227)
Listed as 3rd son in his father's will, not yet 21 in 1709.

1709: Wit gift of mare from Thomas Howard to brother George Howard.

abt 1718: Married Rebecca Brooke, dtr of Col Thomas Brooke, Sr, and Barbara Dent.
Children mentioned in the will dated 1742 are:
Eleanor, wife of John DOUGLAS and grandson John DOUGLAS
Thomas (had no heirs at time of will)
Baker (wanted him in school from age 6 to 14 - so not yet 6 in 1742)
John (had no heirs at time of will)
Anne (deed of gift in 1728; not mentioned in will in 1742)

15 Jan 1728 Charles Co, Md., deed of gift for fatherly love for daughter Anne of Negro Basill being son of Doll. Wit: Sam Hanson, Jr; John Briscoe, Jr.

16 Feb 1729 Grantor: Col. Thomas BROOKE Esq. and Barbara DENT; Brooke Chance, Prince George's Co., MD, USA; consideration of m. dau Rebecca & John Howard & gr-son Thomas. Wit. Thos Gantt, Leonard Hollyday, A Contee (Elise Greenup Jourdan, The Land Records of Prince George's County Maryland 1726-1733 From microfilm of Prince George's County Court (Land Records) 1726-1730 M,i. CR 49,518, 1730-1733 Q,i. CR 49, 519 (Rear 63 East Main Street, Westminister, Maryland 21057: Family Line Publications, 1994), p.93: enroled by John Howard 19 Feb 1729.
19 Feb 1729. Thomas Brooke Esq (father of Rebecca now wife of John Howard of Charles Co MD Gent) in consideration of a marriage between Rebecca & John top them and my grandson Thomas Howard, s/o John & Rebecca a tract called "Brooke Chance" bounded by "Vineyard" and Mattapany Main Run which falls into Brooke's Creek /s/ Tho Brooke Esq and Barbara his wife 16 Feb 1729.)

1733-36 High Sheriff, Magistrate.
Note: His plantation was staffed with 24 slaves, 2 white indentured servants, a schoolmaster to tutor his children.

2 Feb 1742: Court Records of Charles, John HOWARD'S, will appears in Will Book 4 at Charles County, Maryland on pages 145-147.

In the name of God amen I John HOWARD being sick & weak of body but of sound and perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto god herefore do make and ordain this my last will & testament in manner & humbly and first I give and command my soul into the hands of God that gave it hoping, this the merits and inserusion of Christ Jesus my God & Savior for afield and free jurisdiction of all rights and my body to be buried in the Earth in advent manner at the direction of my Executrix hereafter named and as to what world by Estate it hath pleased God to bless me with all I give & bequeath the same in manner & form following.
Item. I give and bequeath to my loving son Thomas HOWARD all that motey of piece of land to me belonging called "Partners Purchase" lying on Potomac River inCharles County to be to him & his heirs forever but in case he dies without heirs thll is that the said tract of land shall them forward be and belong to my son Baker HOWARD to him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give & bequeath to my loving son John HOWARD all that tract of land on which I now live being part of a tract of land called the "Three Brothers" to be to him & his heirs but in case he dies without heirs then my will is that the st of land from thence forward shall be and belong to my son Baker HOWARD and to his heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Eleanor DOUGLAS wife of John DOUGLAS one mulatto girl named Patience with all her increase during the term of the natural life of my said daughter Eleanor and after her decease I will that the saidith all her increase shall be and belong to my grandson John DOUGLAS which said bequest to my said daughter Eleanor I design as above exclude her from claiming any other part or share of my estate.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my son Baker HOWARD one negro boy named James over and above his share of my personal estate.
Item. I give to my daughter Jane one negro girl called Penelope over and above her share of my personal estate.
Item. My will it that my son Baker be kept to school from the age of six years until he arrive to the age of fourteen years and then to be bound apprentice either to the sea or some handy craft or trade as he likes best.
Item. My will is that my negro wench called Little Nell in some reasonable time after my decease be sold by my executrix in order to discharge such debts as I owe in sterling money and after my debts & funeral charges are paid and dischargyxecutrix her after named the remainder of my estate goods & chattels not before given I have and bequeathed unto my wife & children to be divided amongst them as the law decrees.
Item. I do hereby constitute ordain & appoint my loving wife Rebecca HOWARD whole and sole executrix of this my last will & testament and I do here by disanounce and make void all former wills & testaments by me made hereby appointing & confhis to be my last will & testament in write of where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal this second day of February in the year of our lord Christ one Thousand Seven hundred & forty two.
Signed sealed & acknowledged by the said John HOWARD to be his last will & testament in the presence of us.
Joshua ALLFORD, William HOWARD, Philip JENKINS & Barthu. GISBITZKY.

22 Mar 1742: Probate: Charles Co., MD, USA; did not give his wife 1/3 so she did not stand by will (Court Records of Charles, Annexed to the foregoing will was the following Probate. To wit. Charles County, Maryland on the 22 day of March 1742 came Joshua ALLFORD, William HOWARD,& Barthalomue GERBILZKEY three of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing will and made oath on the Holy Evangelists that they saw John HOWARD the Testator sign the said will & witness and declare the same to be his last will and testament and that at the time of his so doing he was of sound & disposing mind & memory to the best of their judgments and that they severally subscribed their names thereto in the presence of the testator and at his request before Walter HANSON The day and year above said the widow of the testator makes choice of her third of real and personal estate and refused to accept the bequests made to her by the above said will.)
Witness: 22 Mar 1742 Heir: Eleanor HOWARD; Charles Co., MD, USA; was given by her father, John to daughter Eleanor DOUGLAS wife of John DOUGLAS, a life interest in the mulatto girl Patience & after her death to her son John DOUGLAS & saim no part or other share of the estate. She did not share in the distribution on 20 Nov. 1750.

Grantor: 16 Oct 1742 Rebecca BROOKE (1709-1768); Howards Park, Prince George's Co., MD, USA; of CC, Gent. to William Potts, 125a (T, Prince George's County, Maryland,, p.101: p.536:
Oct 16 1742 From John Howard of Charles County, Gentleman, to William Potts, late of Barbados, but now of Calvert Co., Merchant, for 29 lbs sterling, a tract of land called Howards Park, lying in PG, bounded by the wet side of a small branch that runs into Brooke Cr and joining upon the land called the Vineyard, containing and laid out for about 125 acres according to the certificate of survey thereof, returned to the Land Office, dated Nov 28 1719, and ther remaining, which land was, on Feb 21 1722, granted to sd John Howard for 125 acres as in sd grant, recorded in the Land office in Liber PL No5 folio 169.
Signed - Jno Howard. wit. J Wilson, Henry Truman, Rebecca the wife of sd John Howard, relinquished her right of dower to the lands within mentioned. Recorded Oct 27, 1742.)

Note: Henry Truman - son of Sarah Briscoe and 1st husband Thomas Truman. 
Howard, John (I15225)
Living in VA in 1745. Ref: his father's will.
Ref for birth date and death yr = Calvert Co Genealogy Newsletter, vol X No 1.
(ancestor of Butch Johnson ButchJane1@aol.com) 
Compton, Samuel (I15293)
mentioned in his sister's will 1739
June 1, 1743- Charles Co., MD Will Book Liber #DD#2 Folio #99-100
Last Will and Testament of Samuel Swann - MacGruders Vol. 23, page 136

In the Name of God Amen, I Samuel Swann of Charles County being very sick and weak in body but of perfect sense and memory/ thanks be to Almighty God for the same/ Calling to mind the uncertainity of this Life and knowing that it is appropiate for all men, once to die do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following ~

Imprimis. I give and bequeath my soul into the hands of God that gave it me hoping through the mercies and merits of Jesus Christ, my blessed Savior and Redeemer to obtain Joyful Resurrection the Last Day.

Item. I give and Bequeath my Body to the Earth to be buried in a decent and Christian Manner according to the discretion of my Executor and for what Worldly goods it has pleased Almighty God bless me with, I give and dispose of in manner and form following~

Item. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved son Edward Swann eighty acres of land being part of a tract of Land called Egleton and lying on the South side of the Mill Branch being my now dwelling plantation to be possessed and enjoyed by him the said Edward Swann and his heirs forever after the decease of my well beloved wife Ann Swann.~
Note: Item. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved son Samuel Swann one feather bed and covering~

Item. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved son Mercer Swann one feather bed and covering~

Item. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved son Burch Swann one shilling and no more~

Item. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved daughter Susannah Wheeler one shilling and no more.~

Item. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved daughter Elizabeth Wheeler one shilling and no more.~

Item. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved daughter Barbara Muggleston one shilling and no more.~

Item. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved daughter Sarah Dyer a guide cow big with calfs and no more.~

Item. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved son Edward Swann one red heifer big with calfs and no more~ and all my personal estate.

Item. I hereby nominate constitute appoint and ordain my well beloved wife Anne Swann and my son Edward Swann as Executors of this my Last Will and Testament hereby utterly revoking and disannulling any other will or wills by me formerly made
or done and acknowledging this and no other to be my Last Will and Testament. In Testimony where I have here unto set my hand and my seal this 17th day of April Anno Dom 1743.

Signed Sealed Delivered and acknowledged to be the Last Will Samuel Swann and Testament of Samuel Swann in presence of us Samuel Amery,
Benjamin Thom, Benjamin B. King-
This will containing two pages

At the foot of the foregoing will was annexed the following probate
Charles County Sv. On the 1st day of June 1743, came Samuel Amery- Benjamin Thome and Benjamin King subscribing witnesses to the above will and made oath on the holy Evangelists that they said Samuel Swann the Testator signed the same and heard him publish and declare to be his Last Will and Testament and that at the Time of his so doing he was of sound and disposing mind and memory to the best of their apprehensions and that severally subscribed their names thereto as witnesses in the presence of the Testator and at his request.
Before Walter Hanson DCom.y.

Note: (Some say that Sarah Dyer should be Sarah Dyson)

Following taken from Early Charles County Maryland Settlers 1658-1745 by Marlene Strawser Bates and F. Edward Wright, Pg. 270:
SWANN, Samuel. To son Edward, 80 acres calledEgleton. to sons Samuel and Mercer; dau. Sarah Dyer, personalty. Mentions son Burch; daus. Susanna _____, Elizabeth Wheeler and Barbara Muggleston. Exs.: Wife Anne and son Edward.
(Will: 23.136;17 April 1743; 1 June 1732) Next of kin: Burch Swann, Edward Swann. Exts. Ann Swann ( Inv.: 28.161;- - - - 1743; 17Aug. 1743; 27 Aug. 1743)

April 17, 1743, SAMUEL'S WILL WAS MADE.



Swann, Samuel A. Sr. (I15367)
Name variation: Edward
13 Nov 1696 Somerset Co, Maryland, livestock mark registered for 5th son.

In 1709 he is not mentioned in his father's will. George is mentioned as his youngest son. 
Howard, Edmund Jr. (I15307)
Note 1: Elender ("Nellie") DUKE, the wife of Stephen COMPTON, was the sister of Sarah DUKE, the wife of George COMPTON. They were the daughters of William DUKE, who married Mary RICKETTS in Frederick County, Maryland about 1770 and who died in Culpeper County, Virginia in 1818.

Their siblings were:
Edward DUKE [M] (ABT 1780, Shenandoah County, Virginia - ABT 1837, Rappahannock County, Virginia): m. Mary VAUGHT (the daughter of Simeon VAUGHT), 22 December 1800, Shenandoah County, Virginia;

Richard DUKE [M]: m. Elizabeth MCDOUGLE, 14 November 1799, Culpeper County, Virginia; Rachel DUKE [F]: m. Walter MORELAND, 12 March 1804, Culpeper County, Virginia; Delila DUKE [F]: m. Elisha RICKETTS; Elizabeth DUKE (29 January 1766 - ?) [F]: m. Benjamin MCDOUGLE (15 September 1762 - 1843, Rappahannock County, Virginia); George Washington DUKE (11 August 1786, Maryland - 8 May 1863, Ohio County, Kentucky: interment at Duke Cemetery, Ohio County, Kentucky) [M]: m. Elizabeth VAUGHT (28 February 1790, Shenandoah County, Virginia - 19 May 1871, Ohio County, Kentucky), 12 December 1807, Shenandoah County, Virginia; and John Jackson DUKE (ABT 1804, Shenandoah County, Virginia - ?) [M]: m. Catherine MENEFEE, 31 December 1829, Culpeper County, Virginia.

Mary and Elizabeth VAUGHT were sisters, the daughters of Simeon VAUGHT and Unknown UNKNOWN. Theit siblings were: Abraham VAUGHT [M]: m1. Martha BAGGERLY, 23 October 1798, Shenandoah County, Virginia: m2. Martha ROWLAND (the daughter of George ROWLAND), 2 January 1815, Shenandoah County, Virginia; James VAUGHT [M]: m. Polly OAKLEY (the daughter of George OAKLEY), 13 August 1804, Shenandoah County, Virginia; Phebe VAUGHT [F]: m. Samuel CAVE (born ABT 1790, Maryland, as the son of Thomas CAVE whose Will was proved in Fauquier County, Virginia in September 1797), 21 June 1816, Shenandoah County, Virginia); Frances VAUGHT [F]: m. William THOMAS, 22 May 1801, Shenandoah County, Virginia; Ephraim VAUGHT [M]: m1. Unknown UNKNOWN: m2. Phebe HAWLEY (the daughter of Peter HAWLEY, a resident of Montgomery County, Virginia in 1833), 2 April 1796, Shenandoah County, Virginia; John VAUGHT [M]: m1. Unknown UNKNOWN: m2. Sary STALLINGS (the daughter of Griffin STALLINGS and Elizabeth UNKNOWN), 24 December 1798, Shenandoah County, Virginia; and Ephraim VAUGHT (11 January 1797, Shenandoah County, Virginia - May 1870, Warren County, Virginia) [M]: m. Mary ROWLAND (2 October 1799 - 9 February 1878: interment at Bear Den Cemetery, Browntown, Warren County, Virginia), 23 December 1822, Shenandoah County, Virginia.

Mary ROWLAND and Martha ROWLAND were both the daughters of George ROWLAND and Unknown UNKNOWN.

A miscellaneous record in the Minute Dockets of Shenandoah County, Virginia, named the 9 children of Simeon VAUGHT, as well as names of husbands of the daughters. The record stated that Simeon Jr and John VAUGHT predeceased their father. 
Duke, Eleanor (I15178)
NOTE: Some records show Henry as the father to John C rather than a brother. So temporarily he has been attached as a brother since the dates do not support that he was his father.

(From Sarah Browder)
Henry COMPTON, Lord Bishop
It is thought by some that he was father of John the Immigrant but it is my
thinking they had to be brothers if KIN. They seem to have similar lifespans
and times-rather contemporaries than father /son. He was supposedly born London
1631 and d England 1713. His wife was thought to be Margaret b ca 1740 and
dying after 1763. No proof that I have ever found of any connection 
Compton, Henry (I15183)
Occupation: Clergy
Religion: Anglican Church
1632, Magdalen College, Oxford (M.A.)
1635, Settled: Virginia
May 29, 1663, Drew up Last Will & Testament
September 21, 1663, Will probated
First Anglican clergy accedited to Maryland

In 1630, he graduted from Magdelan College and earned his master's degree in 1632. He emigrated in 1650 with his daughters Rebecca, Mary and Elizabeth, and step-daughter, Margaret Budden from Yorkshire, England. Margaret died in 1673. Itst been determined who her father was.
He was surety on the bond of John Hatche in 1661 to answer for his participation in the Fendall rebellion. He was appointed doorkeeper of the upper house of assembly 1663 and was the first Episcopal minister in the colony of Maryland. 
Wilkinson, William (I15199)
Occupation: Sheriff/Judge
1661, Magistrate of St. Marys County Court
Justice of Peace and Quorum
1669, Delegate for St. Marys Co. Lower House
1664, Served as Surveyor General of MD colony
1671, St Marys Councilman
1667, High Sheriff of St Marys Co., MD

The Dent Family
Perhaps no family of Southern Maryland is better known than the Dent Family, which in the formative years of the Province produced some of the most prominent and outstanding colonial subjects of Lord Baltimore and the Crown. They were conr thier public services, and high military offices.
Thomas Dent, Gentleman (1630-1676)
Thomas Dent was born about 1630 in the Parish of Guisbough, Yorkshire, England, making him less than 30 years old when he arrived in America. Not long afterwards he married Rebecca Wilkinson, the Virginia born daughter of Rev. William Wild his wife Naomi. He arrived in Maryland in 1658. In 1659 he was Justice of St. Mary's Court, St. Mary's Co, Maryland. And on March 26, 1663, Thomas Dent, Gent. entered his rights for transporting John Dent, John Winnie, Constant Stephensen, George Athley, John Venable and himself to be layed out for him by September 30, 1663. In 1664 he was High Sheriff St. Mary's County, Maryland. He was also delegate for St. Mary's County, Maryland.
On May 26, 1673 he applied at the land office in St. Mary's City for additional 600 acres for transporting Jerman Shyn, John Moderman, John Akers, John James, William Rutter, Charles Wheeler, Edward Crouch, Mary Evans, Sarah Caes, Ann Flethizabeth Danset, and John Dent into the Province to inhabit.
Thomas Dent's English background seems to have been from a market town on River Dee in West Riding of Yorkshire, called Dent, and the family derived its name from this town. About 1318 Willielmus filius de Dent deeded land in the villagey for use of Knights Templars, which revereted back to the Dent family - and according to Historical and Archaeological Journal of Yorkshire in 1889 was still held by descendants. A list of freeman records of Yorkshire in 1365 records is name of Willielmus de Dente, parchemener.
The fact that Judge Thomas Dent came from Gisborough in Yorkshire is authenticated by his land patents given the name of "Guisborough", it being characteristic of the Maryland gentry to name their plantations after ancestral estate in old EGisbourough" is a town and parish situated in North Riding - about six miles northwest of Ormsby, the more ancient estates of the forebearers of Thomas Dent. His parentage has been proven by Peter Dent, naturalist and professor of Cambridge University, and is in the Hereld's College, London under Cambridgeshire pedigrees, in 1684.
Thomas Dent established residence in St. Mary's County where most of his children were born and spent their childhood. He was the first alderman of St. Mary's City and a acre of land was patented to honor him called "The Lawyer's Lodgingelso engaged in mercantile pursuits as well as cultivation of the soil. Thomas Dent lived in Aldermansbury Street (now extinct) and his next door neighbor was Governor Thomas Notley.
On September 4, 1663, Thomas Dent was issued a warrant for 850 acres patented under the name of "Gisborough" lying on the east side of the Anacostia River, a branch of the river called Eastern Branch in Charles County standing by a littled Gisborough Bay.
In March 20, 1671 a warrant from the Secretary office ordered a tract of land called "Brothers Joint Interest" layed out in Charles Co. in woods above Piscataway, for William Hatton and Thomas Dent.
Thomas Dent was appointed High Sheriff of St. Mary's and Deputy Surveyor in 1664 and in August 19, 1668 - as a Gentleman of Quorum, he was appointed Commissioner of Peace and represented the County of St. Mary's at the General Assembly in 1675 and perhaps other years. He was engaged with some conflicts with the Indians- and was comissioned to secure 28 barrels of corn and 4,000 weight of meat for the Colonial forces in the Indian campaign against the Susquehanna Indians.

Source: One page hand out from the 1995 Tarvin Reunion.


Held Rank of Colonel in Colonial Militia
Emigrated to Maryland in 1656/1658
Younger son of Peter Dent.
Received several large land grants from Lord Baltimore in parts of what is now Virginia and Maryland, including the land opposite the city of Washington, across the eastern branch of the Potomac [known as Gisboro Point after Thomas' home togh, England on the river Tees]. Thomas built his house, "Westbury" manor, near the current town of Dentsville, Maryland, and old Fort Tobacco.

Justice of St. Mary's County, Maryland 1659
High Sheriff of St. Mary's County, 1664

Will probated 21 April 1676
1. Son William received Westbury
2. Sons Peter and George received the Gisboro Point grant.
3. Son Thomas, daughter Margaret and wife Rebecca - other land grants.

One of the witnesses was his brother-in-law William Hatton [brother of Thomas Hatton, Lord Baltimore's secretary of the colony]

"Ancesctors of Phyllis Anna Krieg," FTW Online
"Ancestors of Dee Ann Carey," FTW Online
Vol. 2, #1497 
Dent, Thomas Esq. (I15202)
Parish record of Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church in Charles Co, MD: Alexander Compton, son of Matthew Compton and Rachel his wife was born on Tues Sept 15, 1755.
Date of 4 Oct 1782 was given as his death date, but possibly marriage date as he was mentioned in his brother Stephen's will in 1784. 
Compton, Alexander (I15272)
Parish record of Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church in Charles Co, MD: Barton Compton, son of Matthew Compton and Rachel his wife was born December ye 3, 1....
Stephen, his brother, wrote his will 3 Nov 1784 mentioning brothers, but omitted Barton. Assumption is he was deceased by that time. 
Compton, Barton (I15271)
Parish record of Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church in Charles Co, MD: Elizabeth Compton, dau of Matthew and Rachel his wife was born May ye 21st 1742. 
Compton, Elizabeth (I15268)
Parish record of Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church in Charles Co, MD: John Compton, son of Matthew Compton and Rachel his wife was born Feby ye 20th, 174-.
His wife's name was Margaret. Their daughter Mary Ann Compton was born in 1762. She married Notley Maddox in 1790 in Charles Co, Maryland. Notley was born in St. Mary's Co., Maryland and died November 08, 1813 in Rowan Co, North Carolina.

NOTE: TODO Check dates! Sarah Browder said this John s/o Stephen (s/o Matthew & Rachel) I think she is wrong. if date of Stephen is correct (1735), he would have had to be abt 12 y.o. John is not mentioned in Stephen's will.

Lived in Charles Co, MD, and is thought he died in Kentucky. She died before he and the Crabb family moved to KY.

This is the line of Sarah Browder.
Compton, John (I15181)
Parish record of Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church in Charles Co, MD: Matthew Compton, son of Matthew and Rachel his wife, was born Decr (?8) 174-.

His line continues to Mathew Compton IV, Howard W. Compton, William A. Compton, Richard N. Compton, and Basil C. Compton, father of Gail Compton (GComp85822@aol.com). 
Compton, Mathew III (I15270)
Parish record of Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church in Charles Co, MD: Susanna Compton daughter of Matthew Compton and Rachel his wife was born Feb... 
Compton, Susannah (I15264)
Peter became a member of Trinity College in Cambridge University, but obtained the degree of M.B. from Lambeth on March 9, 1677-78. He was incorporated at Cambridge in 1680. He practiced as a physician and apothecary at Cambridge. He was the first Dent to compile the early Dent history, and recorded the Dent pedigree in 1684, which is now in College of Arms, London, England. Occupation: Professor of Natural Science, Cambridge University. 
Dent, Peter Jr. (I15204)
She married Col. Thomas Brooke. Their daughters were Sarah Elizabeth Brooke, married to Alexander Contee and Rebecca Brooke, who was married to John Howard, son of Edmund Howard, a cousin; also eldest son Thomas Brooke, Jr.

1731 Prince George's Co., MD, USA (Donald L Wilson, "Prince George's County Will Book 1, 1698-1770: From the Prince George's County Genealogical Society Bulletin," serial unknown, Vol. 21 #9, p. 175) the Quarter where my Negro Andrew now lives commonly called "Andrews Quarter" being parts that is to say all the parts of three tracts of land to wit "The Wedge", "Croftcloth", and "Brookefield" which now belong to me and which lye to the southward of the land I formerly sold Daniel DULANY Esq'r and about 100 acres of land part of "Brookefield" joins on the northeastward to the land of Philip LEE Esq'r which large parcel was first settled by John RABELING be sold & disposed of by my eldest son Thomas BROOKE & my sons in law John HOWARD and Alexander CONTEE or any two of them to discharge the debt I owe Capt'n John HYDE & Company and for which Philip LEE Esq'r, Mr. Thomas GANTT & Alexander CONTEE now stand bound jointly with me and by the sale of said lands be returned to them or him, & if any overpays that it go towards payment of my other debts. I devise to any person who shall purchase said lands an absolute estate in fee. Item: All the land I now hold to the westward & northward of the run my water mill now stands upon as also the water mill to be sold by my said son Thomas BROOKE the Elder my son in law John HOWARD and Alexander CONTEE or any two of them to discharge the debt I owe Mr. Charles CARROLL. To the purchaser an absolute estate in fee:... Endorsed 29 Jan. 1730/1...
Notes:... Son-in-law John HOWARD is not identified in the Bowie article (husband of Anne?). A John HOWARD was taxed in Mattapeny Hundred, Prince George's County, 1719 [Calendar of Maryland State Papers: The Black Books (BB) 160], along with Thomas BROOKS and Philip LEE. [from: Prince George's County Genealogical Society Bulletin, Vol. 21#7, March 1990: Prince George's County Will Book 1, 1698-1770, Abstracted by Donald L. Wilson, pg. 124-125.).
Witness: __ ___ 1731 Will: Col. Thomas BROOKE Esq.; Prince George's Co., MD, USA; son-in-law John Howard.

03 Jun 1732: Probate: Col. Thomas BROOKE Esq.; Prince George's Co., MD, USA; Thomas Brooke Gent & John Howard of CC to Alexander Contee, as directed by Thomas Brooke esq in his will to be son quarter where negro Andrew lived 3 parts The Wedge, Crosscloth & Brookefield debt due John Hyde (Jourdan, Land Records of Prince, p.168.) 
Dent, Barbara (I15210)
She married Henry Horday on 21 Sep 1694. 
Compton, Eleanor (I15235)
She married Mr. Ashcom. (don't know where this info came from)

mentioned as dau Judith Brook, dec'd in will of Susannah Briscoe 1739. 
Briscoe, Judith (I15282)
She married Mr. Parker.
mentioned as Sarah Parker d/o Susannah Compton, will of Susannah Briscoe 1740. 1s. (grandmother) 
Compton, Sarah (I15295)
She married Mr. Whitely.
mentioned as Susanna Whitely d/o Susannah Compton, will of Susannah Briscoe 1740. 1s. (grandmother) 
Compton, Susanna (I15294)
She married Mr. Wood.
named Ann Wood as child of brother John (dec'd) in Susannah Briscoe's will of 1740 (his grandmother) 
Briscoe, Ann (I15368)
She married William Hatton, referred to both as brother and nephew of the Hon. Thomas Hatton, secretary of the colony to Lord Baltimore.

- The Hatton family are descendants of Sir Christopher Hatton, Lord Chancellor to Queen Elizabeth I, the most elegant courtier of her reign, and from whose line springs the Earls of Winchelses.

- Member of the assembly from St. Mary's County in 1671

Signer of the protestant declaration of faith to Lord Baltimore [1682] 
Wilkinson, Elizabeth (I15219)
She was the widow of Thomas Greene who briefly served as governor of Maryland.

Mistress Winifred Seybourne emigrated to Maryland in 1638 " who by his title indicated gentle birth and likewise one who had arrived to the discretion to be recognized as a feme sole in matter of ethics and business." p. 215, ...Maryland Palatinate On 30 July 1638 Lord Baltimore personally issued instructions for a warrant of 100 acres Mistress Winifred Seyborne [Seaborne] for transporting herself in 1638 and at the same time a warrant of 100 acres for Mistress Troughan. [Boderbund WFT Vol. 16, Ed. 1, Tree #1313,

Mrs. Winifred Seyborn Immigrated 1638, and afterwards married Thomas Green, Esq., and later Mr. Robert Clarke prior to 1654.

Above notes from WFT coincide with earlier research showing Winifred Seybourne. Dates do not seem to make sense.

See 18 WFT 332 for extensive Calvert family and a different version of this person and the Calvert connection for our family: Helen Calvert the mother of Governor Thomas Green who was allegedly born on the high seas en route to Maryland. According to 22 WFT 1907, Helen or Ellin,= born 12-5-1615 to George Calvert and Anne Mynne.

Thomas Green, came to MD with the Ark and Dove Expedition in 1634. He= married 1st. Anne Cox, 2nd. Millicent Brown and 3rd. Winifred Seybourn widow of Nicholas Harvey. Winifred married Robert Clarke.
James Hughes 2006-02-05 10:24:55
Supplement to Early Settlers Query

Gerard, Gerrard, Winefride
Qo:278 Film No.:
Transported by 1658
Transcript. Q:431
MSA SC 4341-
From: David Roberts [mailto:droberts@olg.com]
Sent: Friday, February 03, 2006 11:43 AM
To: MDSTMARY-L@rootsweb.com
Subject: [MDSTMARY-L] Thomas Greene

Mary Ann:

There is nothing stated in "The Ark and the Dove Adventurers" to show any family relationship between Thomas Greene and Lord Baltimore's family. None of Lord Baltimore's daughters listed married anyone named Green/Greene.

The Thomas Greene in the book came w/ the Ark & Dove. He had 2 wives: Ann Cox and later Winifred Seybourne, widow of Nicholas Harvey. He was appointed Governor on 9 June 1647 by Leonard Calvert, but in 1648 William Stone became Governor. He was dead by 23 January 1651/52.

The book covers LOTS of his descendants, pp. 112-137. Among the surnames besides Greene: Wheeler, Marbury, Alvey, Simpson, Thompson, Clements, Noble, Hoye, Deakins, Hatton, Frazer, Smallwood, Hagan, Spalding, Hamilton.

Descendants pretty much cover all of Southern Maryland; later lines to Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina.

One descendant #221. Raphael Spalding was the father of the famous Mother Catherine Spalding, founder of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.

Interesting family line, but gives zero on the parents of Thomas Greene nor any marriage connection into the Lord Baltimore family.

Seybourne, Winefred (I15324)
Sometime after Thomas Dent died in 1646 she remarried Capt John Addison in 1646. He held rank of Colonel, Judge of the Provincial Court and Privy Councillor and died in England. They had a son, Thomas Addison.

06 Jun 1704 Grantor: Rebecca WILKINSON and John ADDISON Esq.; "Wattfield", Charles Co., MD, USA; trust for Barbara, sold to Edmund Howard. Entered by Edmund Howard, Clerk of this County. 6 Jun 1704 confirmation of title reguarding above td John Addison of Prince George's Co. Esq and Rebekah his wife, the widow & relict of Thomas Dent of St George's in St Mary's Co.,MD, merchant, 20 Nov 1676 Rebekah, by the will of Thomas Dent, was seized of 200 acres called "Wattfield" for the use of the children, a deed of trust 20 Nov 1676 between Rebekah Dent Widow & William Hatton, Gent for Barbara Dent, infant child Barbara, now 16 years of age who m. Hon Thomas Brooke, Esq.they have sold the land to Edmond Howard, Gent.
/s/ John Addison, Rebekah Addison (mark); Wit. Wilm. Dent,Tho Addison, Eliz Addison
20 Jun 1704 John Addison & Rebekah his wife ack 200 acres of above to Edmund Howard who paid alienation 18 Jun 1704.)

November 05, 1724, Will dated
August 20, 1726, Will probated (Prince George Co., MD) 
Wilkinson, Rebecca (I15213)
The surname of the Briscoe family was originally "DeBrikkskeugh" from the name of their first estate near New Biggin, Cumberland County, England.

The first English Briscoe came over from Normandy with William the Conqueror in 1055 A.D., bringing with him from Brisqua in Suabia a compnay of free lances to aid the Norman cause. For his services he was granted lands in Cumberland county. ord Robert Brisko (old form) of Brisko, was a lineal descendant of the Norman Briscoe. 
Brisko, Robert Lord (I15360)
To grandson leonard (son of son George, dec'd), pt. of "Chaptico Mannor" during term of lease. (Phillip's will: 1724) 
Briscoe, George (I15280)
Truman, Thomas, son of Henry Truman (b 1828 Notthingham England) and Jane Smith (prev married to Thomas Taney.

m. by 1717/1723, Sarah Briscoe, dau. of Philip and Susannah (Swann) Briscoe

14 Jan 1716/17 Written
Author: Henry C. Peden, Jr.
Title: Truman and Related Families of Early Maryland
707 Bedford Road
Bel Air, Maryland 20114

Page: 22 
Truman, Thomas (I15308)
Was in the Army of King Charles I of England, was appointed as Tobacco Viewer of Jamestown and later served as a member of the Governor's Council and the Jamestown House of Burgess. Was sympathetic to Nathaniel Bacon's cause, but was never proven to be a supporter.


He was married to Mary MANSFIELD on Dec 20 1668 in Surry County, Virginia. Children were: Mary SWANN, Samuel SWANN, Sarah SWANN.

He was married to Margaret DELTON on Jan 13 1639 in England. Children were: Susannah SWANN, William SWANN, Thomas SWANN.

He was married to Sarah CODD on Jan 13 1649 in Swann's Point, Surry County, Virginia. Children were: Sarah SWANN, Samuel SWANN, Sampson SWANN.

He was married to Sarah CHANDLER on Jul 30 1655 in Swann's Point, Surry County, Virginia. Children were: Judith SWANN, Ann SWANN, Baby boy SWANN, Baby boy 2 SWANN.

He was married to Mary MAYFIELD on Dec 20 1668 in Virginia. Children were: Mary SWANN, Capt. Thomas SWANN Jr., Francis SWANN, Sarah SWANN. 
Swann, Thomas Col. (I15384)
Will dated 16 Nov 1730; probated 29 Jan 1731; Prince George's Co, Maryland 
Brooke, Thomas Sr (I15217)
William Stevens Howard's will 1733: To daughter Rachel wife of Mathew COMPTON personalty.

The mother of Rachel Howard needs more investigation. William Stevens' brother Thomas was married to an Elizabeth Douglass. William Stevens' first wife was apparently Elizabeth Douglass. The Elizabeth who was married to Thomas was a widow ds married to Thomas in 1714, so she apparently is not one and the same with the Elizabeth Douglass who was the first wife of William Stevens Howard. Sarah Briscoe's first husband died in 1717, but it's possible they had divorced rather than she being widowed. In William Stevens will he left legacy to 4 young children and Rachel, wife of Mathew Compton. Since Rachel was already married and he had 4 young children, assumption is that Rachel was the child of his first wife. 
Howard, Rachel (I15186)
99 ! Christened date may be 12 Dec 1787. Worthington, George (I13573)
100 ! Husbandman
Sedgebrook Bishop's Transcripts missing 1565-1585 & 1640-1665
1988 IGI Lincolnshire, England
Sedgebrook Bishop transcripts (FHL #504,755)
Lincoln Cosistory Court Wills (FHL#198,850) pg 570 Husband
Sedgebrook Marriages (Lincolnshire Parish Registers (FHL #942.53 K29L V.2) 
Fox, George (I13546)

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