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251 !Colonial and Revolutionary Lineages of America (973 D2ah) Vol. 2; Royal Ancestors of Some LDS Families by Michel L. Call; Royal Daughters of England an Queens of Scotland and English Princes.

Ancestry and Progeny of Captain James Blount - Inmigrant. by Robert Ffafman p. E- 21.

There is a question at to whether the Daughter of Sigurd(R-3282) is the Mother or Wife of Malcolm II, his daughter married a Sigurd, Earl(Jarl) of Orkney. Jarl-is a Cheiftian or Nobleman.

Fought a battle 1008, at Carham, with Uchtred, defeating the Danes.


From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996. 
Scotland, Malcolm II King of [MacKenneth] (I5976)
252 !Colonial and Revolutionary Lineages of America (973 D2ah) Vol. 2; The Plantagenet Ancestry. The Royal Cupbearer( Cheif Butler of England).

Royal Ancestors of Some LDS Families by Michel L. Call. charts 605.

Ancestry and Progentry of Captain James Blount - Immigrant, by Robert F. Pfafman, p E-35. 
Oslac, Earl [The Thane] (I4772)
253 !Concubines: 1) Ykenal or Hikenai, 2) ___, 3) ___, 4) Rosamond Clifford. He reigned from 1154-89, the first of the ANGEVIN kings. By marrying Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine in 1152, he acquired vast lands in France. His policy of establishing royal authority in England led to Thomas A. Becket's murder.
Henry made many legal and judicial reforms.

Royal Ancestors of Some LDS Families, by Micheal Call, Chart 301 - # 2 
England, Henry II King of [Fitzempress] (I4094)
254 !Countess of Pon. DAMMARTIN, Joana DE [Queen/Castile] (I4084)
255 !Eccles, Lancashire, England Parish Register by Correspondence
Note: AKA "Tom Tarry" 
Parr, Thomas (I13790)
256 !Gen. New Ser. II p. 10 Shull, Burdsall, Stockton and Allied Families by McCahan p. 225. Taillefer, Foulques DE (I4436)
257 !Gen. New Ser. II p. 10 Shull, Burdsall, Stockton and Allied Families by McCahan p. 226. Md. 2) Amable. Taillefer, Wulgrin (I4128)
258 !Gen. New Ser. II, p. 8-9 Shull, Burdsall, Stockton and Allied Families by McCahan. Taillefer, Armand (I4317)
259 !Gen. New Series II, p. 6, 9-11. Taillefer, Geoffrey [Ct/Angouleme] (I4437)
260 !Gen. New Series II, p. 8-9; Shull, Burdsall, Stockton and Allied Families by McCahan p. 224. Taillefer, William (I4593)
261 !Goostrey Parish Register Hampton, Martha (I13486)
262 !Holy Roman emperor (875-77), and, as Charles I, king of France (840-77), born in what is now West Germany. He was the fourth son of Holy Roman Emperor Louis I, and his mother was Judith of Bavaria, Louis's second wife. Judith's determination to secure a kingdom for her only son led to civil war with Louis' other two surviving sons, Holy Roman Emperor Lothair I and King Louis II of Germany. The war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Verdun in 843. Charle received the Western portion of the empire, which from this time may be called the kingdom of France, or the West Frankish Kingdom. Charles was a weak ruler; the great nobles were rapidly becoming independent, and the Vikings pillaged th country without meeting much resistance from Charles, who preferred to buy them off. Nevertheless, when Holy Roman Emperor Louis II died in 875, Charles received the imperial crown through the favor of Pope John VIII. Charles was succeeded as king of France by his son, Louis II, but the imperial throne was vacant until 881. Another source gives his birth as in May. Md. 2) 22 Jan 870 to Richilde, Queen of France.

!Colonial and Revolutinary Lineages of America (973 D2ah) Vol. 2

Ancestry and Progentry of Captain James Blount - Immigrant, by Robert F. Pfafman, p E-31. 
France, Charles II King of [Karl The Bald] (I4765)
263 !IGI: also shows BORN: 21 Jun 1652 PLACE: Newbury, Essex, Massachuset ts. B: 28 Dec 1880 E: 20 Jan 1882 STGEOR SP:
FATHER: Joseph ??

!Woburn, Mass Vital Records (Mass W46b) Savages Dict Comp Vol 3 p 716 Hartford Times, 11 Apr 1953 Mass Enc of Biog. Sewell's
Hist of Woburn. Bond's hist of Woburn, Watertown. Archive copy by David A Richardsen, 3577 So. 5th East, Salt Lake City , Utah. 
Knight, Joseph (I6861)
264 !It looks like Viella Cowley Swindle typed 1655 and wrote 52 next to Kelly, Alice (I13369)
265 !July 1990 Ordinances in process. Torkington, Beria (I13501)
266 !King of Castile (1033-65) and of Leon (1037-65); he was the scond son of King Sancho III of Navarre. In 1037 Ferdinand defeated Burmudo in a battle at Tamaron, acquiring Leon through Sancha's right of succession. Ferdinand won th Battle of Atapuerca over his brother in 1054 and was recognized as the emperor of Spain in 1056. By his territorial acquistions from the Moors between 1058 and 1065, Ferdinand inaugurated the period of Christian reconquest of Spanish land from the Muslims. Before his death, Ferdinand provided that his estates b divided among his three sons, thus bequeathing a legacy of fratricidal strife that did not end until the accession of Alfonso I to the throne of Castile in 1072.

!Royal Ancestors of some LDS Families by Michel L. Call. 
Castile, Ferdinand I King of [The Great] (I4469)
267 !King of Castile (1072-1109) as Alfonso I, and as Alfonso VI, king of Leon (1065-1109). His father, King Ferdinand I of Castile and Leon, died in 1065 and left his kingdom, divided into three parts, to his three sons. Alfonso received only Leon, but he succeeded to nearly all his father's dominions as a result of a war with his brothers, and he also added Toledo and New Castile t his holdings. In 1086 the Abbadids of Saville, with Almoravid help, defeated him at Zalaca and stopped the gradual reconquest of Spain by the Christian rulers. Alfonso regained some of his power, but in 1108, a year before his death, the Almoravids defeated him again and killed his only son.
Royal Ancestors of Some LDS Families by Michel L. Call. 
Castile, Alphonso VI King of [The Brave] (I4287)
268 !King of Castile (1158-1214); he succeeded to the throne on the death of his father, Sancho III. Troubled by interference from Navarre in his youth, he later allied Castile with Aragon, forming a connection that was eventually to become the basis for the unification of Spain. Alfonso also established Castilian dominance over Leon. From the 1170's, he was occupied with resisting encroachments by the Almohads, Muslim invaders from Northern Africa. Defeated by the Muslim caliph Ykub al-Mansur (c. 1160-99) at Alarcos in 1195, Alfonso and his allies won a major victory over the Muslim comnmander al-Nasir at Navas de Tolosa in 1212. Castile, Alphonso VIII King of (I4108)
269 !King of Leon (1157-88). He was the second son of Alfonso II, king of Castile, who was also king of Leon as Alfonso VII. Ferdinand was noted both for his intermittent wars with Castile and Portugal and for his reorganization, about 1170, of the military Order of Saint James of the Sword (Santiago de la Espada) to participate in the campaign to drive the Moors from Spain. Loen, Ferdinand II King of (I4118)
270 !LDS Libr #AFN:9NC1-CT
WFT CD-13 FT#1309
Sergeant in the Revolutionary War serving under Regt. Ulster Co, NY under Col.
James McClaughry. Sources DAR references and the Skinner Kinsmen. 
Skinner, Abner C (I3550)
271 !LDS Libr #AFN:9NC1-D1

"Gustine Compendium", Gustine Courson Weaver, 1929, p. 236, 292.

Information from a GEDCOM of Michael Allen Crawford, 125 S. 300 E. #807, Salt
Lake City, UT 84111-2031.

"Ancestry of John S. Gustin and his wife Susan McComb", by Sarah A. Dewick,
1900, p 29. Listed as Keziah.

JEAN-AUGUSTINE-GUSTIN GENEALOGY - Compiled by Minerva E. Bushnell, 635 West
109th Place, Los Angeles, CA - p 5
"The Gustin Family", Mrs. B. L. (Blanche Hall) Neff, p. 11 
Gustin, Kesia (I3551)
272 !Lord Beutelsbach Eberhard I (I4794)
273 !Marriage: "New England Marriages Prior to 1700" by Clarence Almon Torrey, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1985

also Davis and Savage's books

Hicks, Ephraim (I7833)
274 !Married 1736 to Kathleen Mylchreest, acc to Ralph Kewley Kewley, Nicholas (I13264)
275 !Married 1759 to John Kelly, acc to Ralph Kewley Kewley, Elleanor (I13265)
276 !married in 1743 to John Shannon, acc to Ralph Kewley Kewley, Catherine (I13235)
277 !May have had (another) wife, Gunnora D'Aunou (see son)? Geoffrey Count of Eu [Count/Brionne] (I4532)
278 !May spell his last name Banyster. Bannester, John (I13543)
279 !Md. 1) Alversa Malet. His name also spelled Algar.
Complete Peerage Vol. 7 p. 521; Vol. 9 p. 702-3; Vol. 4 Ch #4; Vol. 7 p. 743-4 (#942.D21c) Wurts Magna Charta Vol. 1 p. 177, Vol. 3 p. 422, 429; Vol. 6 p. 758, 1759 (942 D22w) The Battle Abbey Roll Vol. 2 p. 262, 263 (942 D2bb) Baker' Hist of Northumberland Vol. 1 p. 121 (Q942.55 H2ba) Hereward, The Saxon Patriot p. 17,21,88 (929.242 H264h) History and Antiquity of Beverly Oliver p. 462 (942.77b5 h26) Plantagenet Ancestry p. 130, 94, 95 (Q942 D2t)
Nichols Hist and Antiquity of Lcstrs. Vol. 1, pt 1, p. 18,67 (Q942.54 H2nic) Dict of Nat'l Bio Vol. 1 p. 148,149; Vol. 22 p. 37, 255; Vol. 26 p. 141, 240
(920.042 D561n)
Searle's Anglo Saxon Bishops, Kings & Nobles p. 300, 450, 451 (942 D22awy) History of Yorkshire Preface (Q942.74 D22ha)
Ormerod's Hist of Cheshire Vol. 1 pt. 1 p. 7-8, 123, 49 (Folio #942.71 H2or) British Families Vol. 1 (Folio #942 D2dh) 
Mercia, Alfgar III Earl of (I4521)
280 !Md. 1) Aveline Fortibus, Countess

Royal Ancestors of Some LDS Families, by Micheal Call, Chart 208 - # 13 
England, Edmund Prince of [Crouchback] (I4092)
281 !Md. 1) Maud D'Albini. Earl of Surrey also.

Royal Ancestors of Some LDS Families, by Micheal Call, Chart 355 - # 1 
Plantagenet, William DE [Earl/Warren] (I4885)
282 !Md. 1) Simon de Senlis or St. Liz of Northampton. HUNTINGTON, Matilda (Maud) [Queen/Scotland] (I4173)
283 !Md. 1) Stephen, Count of Blois in 1080. Also spelled Adela or Adelaide.

!She never married. Also spelled Adelidis. She died after 1066? 
Adelidis "Alice" Princess/England (I4172)
284 !Md. 1) Uchtred, Earl of Northumberland, Eng.
Also spelled Alfgifu, Princess of England. 
England, Elfgifu Princess of (I4522)
285 !Md. 1) William MONCHENSY. Clare, Aveline DE (I4225)
286 !Md. 2) Aelfthryth or Alfryth. BOURNE, Hereward Lord of [Le Wac] (I4233)
287 !Md. 2) Agnes, Dutchess of Lower Lorraine.

Royal Ancestors of some LDS Families, by Michel L. Call, Chart 520 - #2 
France, Charles Prince of [Duke/Lorrain] (I3905)
288 !Md. 2) Bernard Viscount de Brosse. Taillefer, almodis (I4908)
289 !Md. 2) Harold II, King of England. England, Eldgyth Queen of (I4523)
290 !Md. 2) Lasceline

!Some Early English Pedigrees, British 942 2Dno.

Royal Ancestors of Some LDS Families, by Michael L. Call, Group sheet 354. 
Mandeville, Geoffrey DE (I4272)
291 !Md. 2) Ledgarge, Dutchess of Normandy.
Tab. Gen. Souv., France 22 Tab. 48. The Duke of Normandy France 5, p. 46-94.

!Royal Ancestors of Some LDS Families by Michel L. Call, chart 504, # 2.

Ancestry and Progentry of Captain James Blount - Immigrant, by Robert F. Pfafman, p E-28.
Slain by Arnulf of Franders. 
Normandy, William "Longsword" Duke of [Duke/Aquitaine] (I4588)
292 !Md. 2) Maine de Roricon.

Name also spelled Rothrude Pricess of FRANKS 
Franks, Rotrude Princess of (I4788)
293 !Md. 2) Margareta de TURENNE. Shull, Stockton and Allied Families by McCahan, p. 226; Gen. New Series II page 10; Ramsay Angevin Empire p. 191. Taillefer, William (I4130)
294 !Md. 2) Roger Fitz Gerold Lucia of Mercia (I4189)
295 !Md. 2) Skadi, who deserted him for Odin.

!Royal Ancestors of Some LDS Families by Michel L. Call, chart 709, # 4. 
Swedes, Njord King of the (I4709)
296 !Md. Eudos le Dapifer about 1088?

This individual has the following other parents in the Ancestral File:
Richard F /DE CLARE/ (AFN:8XJT-FJ) and Rohese /GIFFORD/ (AFN:8WKM-LL) 
Clare, Rohesia DE (I4192)
297 !Name also spelled Wuotan. He married 2) Skadi; 3) Rind; 5) unknown.

Royal Ancestors of Some LDS Families, By Michael L. Call, Chart 713 - # 2 
Odin Or Wodan (Woden) (I4625)
298 !Note: aka Oliverus Parr, Oliver (I13792)
299 !of Lorraine, France. Lorraine, Alberade DE (I4387)
300 !of Valois, Bretagne, France. Vermandois, Isabel Elizabeth DE (I4175)

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