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Darrin's ancestors are mainly English, but he also has a fair amount of Danish heritage, along with a bit of Irish and Scottish, plus a contingent from the Isle of Man. By adoption he also has a Norwegian line. Many in each line were LDS pioneers who crossed the Great Plains for Utah in the 19th century.

Although born in Utah, Darrin grew up in Massachusetts. He later spent two years in South Africa as an LDS missionary, then graduated from BYU in journalism and computer science. He is also the author of The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding ("TNG").

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The majority of Andrea's ancestors are English as well, but one group consists of Scottish immigrants (all by way of Canada), and you'll also find a few German lines. Many of her ancestors arrived in the US during the colonial period, and some fought in the American Revolution (on both sides).

Andrea grew up in California, then graduated from the University of Utah in health education. She's a doula, photographer and childbirth educator.

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