[tngusers2] Does your genealogy website have a Forum? How well used is it?

Henny Savenije adam-eve at henny-savenije.pe.kr
Sun Aug 22 06:27:35 CDT 2010

I am using forum as a guest book and it's actually very productive


Till now I yet have to see any spam or weird language.

At 07:55 PM 8/22/2010, you wrote:
>It really depends on exactly what you want it to be used for. If for
>conversational exchange of information - not a good idea as it can get out
>of hand.
>If, however, for the publishing of how you found something, that sort of
>thing - then it can be good and used (although generally only to be read).
>This is how I have used a forum on my site - it doesn't get a lot of
>traffic, and isn't intended to have much, but it is a useful place for a
>repository of 'things'.
>Also - keep in mind, that unlike TNG, a Forum can be set up with many
>different forums (forii? :) ) - each and every one can have unique
>permissions - I have a couple that are only open to myself and specific
>individuals and is used when we are researching things such as hard to find
>marriage, birth or death or even census entries.
>What it does is proide a history of particular research lines.
>Stephen Rowe
>Melbourne, Australia
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>Hi Folks,
>I have often thought about sticking my TNG site into a CMS with the
>particular purpose of having a Forum for family members.  However, I wonder
>if - like my experience when I set up a Lazarus Guestbook - it will actually
>be very much used?   What are other List Users experience?  If you have a
>Forum associate with your genealogy website, do you find that *family
>members* submit entries?
>Thanks for your thoughts, Joyaa
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