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Jacob Rolfsen and the Missionaries

as told by his great-granddaughter, Janet Weech Sorensen

My great grandfather Rolfsen joined the Church in Norway. He had a small farm, but went down to the sea each summer to build ships to supplement his income. His sister came to live with his wife and children while he was gone. During one of his absences, the elders taught the two women the gospel and they were converted—but not baptized. They waited anxiously for Jacob to come home so that they could teach him the gospel that they loved so much. 

When he came, instead of being happy, he was furious that they had let the missionaries inside his home. He had heard all sorts of bad things about the Mormons. He threatened to kill the missionaries if they ever stepped on his property again, and he put a big axe beside his door to do it with!

One day the elders were approaching and he ran to get the axe. His sister confronted him and said, “Jacob, if you even so much as lift your arm to harm those elders, you will lose the use of it.”

Jacob ignored her and swung the axe up to strike the elders. His arm immediately dropped to his side completely useless, and he was not able to use it for a long time. While he was recovering he had plenty of time to read and study and listen to the elders. He eventually gained his own testimony and the family was baptized and immigrated to America.

My grandmother, Nicoline Rolfsen Jensen, my mother’s mother [and Jacob’s daughter,] walked all the way across the plains when she was nine years old.

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