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Eliza R. Black Lythgoe

Excerpt from article in the Cowley News, 31 Jan 2005.

During the winter of 1900 and 1901 there were about 16 families who remained in Cowley. Most of the people were moving their tents up Sage Creek near Pryor Gap to work on the railroad. The people that were left wanted a school, but they had no money or books. William W. Willis had built a log cabin and it was decided that, that would be used for the school.

The people hired Mrs. Eliza R. Black, wife of John F. Black, to teach the school. She had taught in Utah previous to coming to Wyoming. Her salary was enough to hire a girl to look after her children. Mrs. Black later married Thomas Lythgoe, after the death of Mr. Black.

She wrote in her journal that she remembered living in a tent and sand was in everything; building our log cabin in 1900; being alone so much with her little children as her husband worked on the railroad; not having enough water for anything; tending the mail in winter as she kept the post office for W.W. Graham who went to work on the railroad; teaching Cowley’s first school in W.W. Willis’ long one room house; back to the railroad in May.

She saw the railroad, the telephone, the water through 32 miles of canal, brick homes being built, highways, electricity, lawns, trees, better school, etc. She had eight children born in Wyoming, was the first president of the Cowley Primary, was present at the first birth in Cowley, the first death, the first dance and the first school.

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