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Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cooke, Elizabeth  bef1644Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15010
2 Cooke, Esther  16 Aug 1650Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15002
3 Cooke, Mary  1624Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15022
4 Cooke, Mary  Abt 1652Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15012
5 Cooke, Mercy  25 Jul 1655Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15014
6 Cooke, Sarah  Abt 1635Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15008
7 Cushman, Thomas  16 Sep 1637Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7863
8 Dickenson, John  Abt 1630Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7885
9 Faunce, Priscilla  Abt 1634Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15037
10 FULLER, Anne  1634Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7947
11 HASKELL, Mark  18 Apr 1656Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I14620
12 Hicks, Ephraim  Abt 1625Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7833
13 Hopkins, Damaris  Bef 22 May 1627Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15019
14 Howland, Desire  1625Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7809
15 Howland, Elizabeth  Abt 1631Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7816
16 Howland, Hannah  1637Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7818
17 Howland, Henry  1624Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7862
18 Howland, Hope  30 Aug 1629Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7815
19 Howland, Isaac  15 Nov 1649Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7814
20 Howland, Jabez  Abt 1644Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7812
21 Howland, John  24 Feb 1627Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7981
22 Howland, Joseph  Abt 1640Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7813
23 Howland, Lydia  1633Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7817
24 Howland, Ruth  1646Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7819
25 SOULE, Zachariah  Bef 22 May 1627Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I14650
26 Southworth, Elizabeth  1645Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7828
27 Warren, Joseph  Abt 1627Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15036
28 Warren, Nathaniel  Abt 1624Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15034


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cushman, Thomas  Abt Sep 1637Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7863
2 Howland, Anne  Abt 1678Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7875
3 Howland, Desire  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7809
4 Howland, Elizabeth  Abt 1631Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7816
5 Howland, Elizabeth  Abt May 1655Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7869
6 Howland, Experience  Abt Jul 1668Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7874
7 Howland, Hannah  Abt 1640Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7818
8 Howland, Hope  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7815
9 Howland, Isaac  Abt Nov 1649Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7814
10 Howland, Isaac  Abt Dec 1659Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7870
11 Howland, Jabez  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7812
12 Howland, John  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7981
13 Howland, John  Abt Jan 1675Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7882
14 Howland, Joseph  Abt 1640Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7813
15 Howland, Lydia  Abt Jan 1665Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7873
16 Howland, Mary  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7868
17 Howland, Mercy  Abt Feb 1663Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7872
18 Howland, Ruth  Abt 1646Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7819
19 Howland, Shubael  Abt Oct 1672Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7881
20 Thacher, Bethiah  1642/1647Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7887


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anna or Susanna  1621Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7928
2 Bartlett, Robert  Abt 1 Oct 1676Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15027
3 Cooke, Francis  07 Apr 1663Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15016
4 Cooke, Jacob  Abt 12 Dec 1675Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15018
5 Cushman, Thomas  23 Aug 1726Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7863
6 Faunce, Priscilla  15 May 1707Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15037
7 FULLER, Edward  1621Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7907
8 FULLER, Samuel Dr. and Deacon  1633Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7825
9 Hicks, Ephraim  12 Dec 1649Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7833
10 Howland, Joseph  Jan 1703/1704Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7813
11 Hurst, JOAN  1621Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7831
12 le Mahieu, Hester  Aft 8 Jun 1666Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15017
13 Lee, Ann  30 Mar 1697Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I8130
14 Lee, Mary  6 May 1693Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7867
15 SOULE, Mary  Aft 1720Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I14649
16 Southworth, Elizabeth  Mar 1717Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7828
17 Tilley, Edward Edmond  1621Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7845
18 Tilley, John  1621Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7820
19 Walker, Elizabeth  02 Oct 1673Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15025
20 Warren, Joseph  04 May 1689Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15036
21 Warren, Mary  27 Mar 1683Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15026
22 Warren, Richard  1628Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15024
23 White, Thomas  1744Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7711


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cushman, Thomas  Aft 23 Aug 1726Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7863
2 FULLER, Edward  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7907
3 FULLER, Samuel Dr. and Deacon  1633Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7825
4 Hicks, Ephraim  Aft 12 Dec 1649Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7833
5 Howland, John  25 Feb 1672/1673Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7810
6 Hurst, JOAN  1621Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7831


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bartlett / Warren  Aft 22 May 1627Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F6936
2 BASS / Lee  21 Jul 1674Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3908
3 Burton / OTIS (OATTES)  Abt 1642Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5599
4 Chipman / Howland  Abt 1646Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3767
5 Church / Warren  Bef 14 Mar 1636Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F6938
6 Clarke / Lothropp  7 Oct 1657Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5486
7 Cooke / Hopkins  Aft 10 Jun 1646Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F6932
8 Cooke / Warren  28 Mar 1634Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F6926
9 Cushman / Howland  17 Nov 1664Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3781
10 Dickenson / Howland  10 Jul 1651Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3794
11 Gill / Otis  Abt 1655Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5601
12 Hicks / Howland  13 Sep 1649Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3769
13 Howland / Lee  26 Oct 1651Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3785
14 Howland / Southworth  7 Dec 1664Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3779
15 Howland / Thacher  Abt 1669Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3796
16 Howland / Tilley  Abt 25 Mar 1623/1625Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3762
17 Little / Warren  19 Apr 1633Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F6937
18 Lothropp / Cobb  3 Jan 1671/1672Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5640
19 Reynolds / KITSON  30 Aug 1638Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5590
20 Snow / Warren  08 Nov 1639Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F6939
21 STURTEVANT / Lee  1643Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3907
22 Thomson / Cooke  26 Dec 1645Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F6934
23 Warren / Faunce  Abt 1652Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F6941
24 Wilcox / Cooke   F6928
25 Winslow /   16 May 1621Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1087
26 Wright / Cooke  21 Nov 1644Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F6933