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Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts



Latitude: 42.4250964, Longitude: -71.0661630


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARRETT, John  24 Apr 1675Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14379
2 BARRETT, Jonathon  1678Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14400
3 DUNSTER, Henry  1600Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14599
4 GREENE, Henry  19 Jan 1639Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14429
5 GREENE, John  6 Dec 1632Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14431
6 GREENE, Thomas  1630Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14430
7 GREENE (GREEN), Martha  1650Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14439
8 HILLS, Dorothy  13 Apr 1667Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14561
9 HILLS, Ebenezer  1660Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14565
10 HILLS, Elizabeth  1660/1661Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14377
11 HILLS, Hannah  Jan 1655Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14566
12 HILLS, Hannah  20 Mar 1657Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14560
13 HILLS, John  16 Mar 1666Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14559
14 HILLS, Joseph  19 Oct 1655Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14564
15 HILLS, Joseph  3 Jul 1674Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14563
16 HILLS, Samuel  16 Dec 1669Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14562
17 LYNDE, Capt. John  Abt 1675Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14521
18 Lynde, Dorothy  20 Dec 1692Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14382
19 LYNDE, Elizabeth  30 Apr 1650Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14524
20 LYNDE, Joanna  22 Feb 1696Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14376
21 LYNDE, Joseph  13 Dec 1652Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14525
22 LYNDE, Mary  1656Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14526
23 LYNDE, Mehitable  22 Mar 1698Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14375
24 LYNDE, Thomas  25 Mar 1647Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14522
25 SMITH, Mrs Hannah  1611/1612Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14602
26 SMITH, Samuel  1609/1610Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14601
27 Vinton, Thomas  31 Jan 1687Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I7022


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 HILLS, Mehitable  1 Jan 1641Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14579


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARRETT, James  16 Aug 1672Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14402
2 BARRETT, James  1694Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14398
3 BARRETT, James  31 Jul 1740Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14401
4 BARRETT, Jonathon  7 Sep 1749Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14400
5 BROWN, Mary  21 Apr 1707Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I11009
6 CLEERKE, Rose Clarke Or  24 Mar 1650Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14568
7 GREENE, Dorcas  1682Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14399
8 GREENE, Henry  19 Sep 1717Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14429
9 GREENE, John  16 Oct 1707Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14431
10 GREENE, Samuel  31 Oct 1724Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14433
11 GREENE, Thomas  19 Dec 1667Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14427
12 GREENE, Thomas  15 Feb 1674Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14430
13 GREENE, William  30 Dec 1705Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14432
14 GREENE (GREEN), Elizabeth  Aft 1651Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14438
15 HILLS, Abigail  9 Oct 1662Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14583
16 HILLS, Deborah  1 Oct 1662Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14582
17 HILLS, Dorothy  1667Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14561
18 HILLS, Elizabeth  25 Nov 1674Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14574
19 HILLS, Elizabeth  19 Jan 1699Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14377
20 HILLS, Gershom  1710/1721Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14578
21 HILLS, Hannah  30 May 1674Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14566
22 HILLS, John  28 Jun 1652Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14577
23 HILLS, John  1689/1690Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14559
24 HILLS, Joseph  19 Apr 1674Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14564
25 HILLS, Joseph Jr  19 Apr 1674Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14557
26 HILLS, Mary  25 Nov 1674Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14573
27 HILLS, Mehitable  Jul 1653Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14579
28 HILLS, Nathaniel  26 Dec 1653Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14581
29 HILLS, Rebecca  6 Jun 1674Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14571
30 HILLS, Stephen  1636Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14576
31 LYNDE, Elizabeth  15 Jun 1684Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14524
32 LYNDE, John  17 Sep 1723Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14378
33 LYNDE, Joseph  2 Jan 1735Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14525
34 LYNDE, Thomas  15 Oct 1693Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14519
35 LYNDE (SWINDELLS), Elizabeth  22 Aug 1658Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14428
36 SMITH, Hannah  11 Jul 1674Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14558
37 TUFTS, Elizabeth  2 Sep 1693Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14520


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CLEERKE, Rose Clarke Or  Mar 1650Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14568
2 GREENE, Dorcas  1682Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14399
3 GREENE, Hannah  May 1721Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14436
4 GREENE, Henry  Sep 1717Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14429
5 GREENE, John  Oct 1707Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14431
6 GREENE, Samuel  Nov 1724Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14433
7 GREENE, Thomas  Dec 1667Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14427
8 GREENE, Thomas  13 Apr 1674Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14430
9 GREENE, William  Abt 3 1706 JanMalden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14432
10 HILLS, Elizabeth  Nov 1674Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14574
11 HILLS, Elizabeth  1698Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14377
12 HILLS, John  1652Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14577
13 HILLS, Joseph Jr  Apr 1674Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14557
14 HILLS, Mary  Nov 1674Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14573
15 HILLS, Mehitable  Jul 1653Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14579
16 HILLS, Nathaniel  1664Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14581
17 LYNDE, John  Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14378
18 LYNDE (SWINDELLS), Elizabeth  22 Aug 1658Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14428
19 SMITH, Hannah  Jul 1674Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14558
20 TUFTS, Elizabeth  Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14520


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARRETT /   19 Jul 1720Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts F6773
2 BARRETT / GREENE  11 Nov 1671Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts F6774
3 HILLS / SMITH  22 Jul 1654Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts F6771
4 LYNDE / HILLS  25 Aug 1691Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts F6770
5 Smith / HOVEY  23 Nov 1699Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts F327