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Lleweni, Denbigh, Wales



Latitude: 53.2132339, Longitude: -3.3559678


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Salusbury, Alexander  Lleweni, Denbigh, Wales I14064
2 Salusbury, Ffoulke  Abt 1516Lleweni, Denbigh, Wales I14016
3 Salusbury, Grace  Abt 1514Lleweni, Denbigh, Wales I14017
4 Salusbury, Henry  Lleweni, Denbigh, Wales I14071
5 Salusbury, Henry  Lleweni, Denbigh, Wales I14080
6 Salusbury, Jane  Abt 1508Lleweni, Denbigh, Wales I14020
7 Salusbury, John Sir  Lleweni, Denbigh, Wales I14068
8 Salusbury, John  Abt 1506Lleweni, Denbigh, Wales I14089
9 Salusbury, Ralph  Lleweni, Denbigh, Wales I14076
10 Salusbury, Robert  Abt 1512Lleweni, Denbigh, Wales I14018
11 Salusbury, Thomas  Lleweni, Denbigh, Wales I14039
12 Salusbury, Thomas Esquire  Lleweni, Denbigh, Wales I14066
13 Salusbury, Thomas Sir  Lleweni, Denbigh, Wales I14082
14 Salusbury, Thomas  Abt 1510Lleweni, Denbigh, Wales I14019