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Henefer, Summit County, Utah



City/Town : Latitude: 41.015511, Longitude: -111.491131


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lythgoe, Mary Jane  5 Apr 1872Henefer, Summit County, Utah I829
2 Lythgoe, Edward  18 Dec 1874Henefer, Summit County, Utah I830
3 Lythgoe, Elizabeth Singleton  14 Jan 1880Henefer, Summit County, Utah I832
4 Lythgoe, William Birks  22 Jan 1883Henefer, Summit County, Utah I11698
5 Lythgoe, Herbert Howarth  7 Nov 1886Henefer, Summit County, Utah I11699
6 Lythgoe, Martha Heelis  16 Aug 1893Henefer, Summit County, Utah I10654
7 Lythgoe, Neils Peterson  2 Jul 1895Henefer, Summit County, Utah I8983
8 Lythgoe, Brigham James  3 Aug 1897Henefer, Summit County, Utah I10768
9 Lythgoe, Boletta Wilcock  21 Sep 1899Henefer, Summit County, Utah I11700
10 Lythgoe, Otto  8 Jan 1902Henefer, Summit County, Utah I11703
11 Lythgoe, Sophia  5 Dec 1904Henefer, Summit County, Utah I11704
12 Lythgoe, Esther  1 Mar 1907Henefer, Summit County, Utah I11706


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Heelis, Martha  14 Aug 1881Henefer, Summit County, Utah I336
2 Wilcock, Esther  23 Jul 1885Henefer, Summit County, Utah I340
3 Lythgoe, Rachel  9 Mar 1887Henefer, Summit County, Utah I850
4 Howarth, Esther  11 Aug 1889Henefer, Summit County, Utah I1150
5 RICHINS, Joseph  14 Mar 1898Henefer, Summit County, Utah I1180
6 Lythgoe, Brigham James  8 Mar 1899Henefer, Summit County, Utah I10768
7 Judd, James  4 May 1901Henefer, Summit County, Utah I1182
8 Lythgoe, Elizabeth  17 May 1908Henefer, Summit County, Utah I849
9 Fowler, James Maysfield  7 Nov 1918Henefer, Summit County, Utah I1171
10 Lythgoe, James  17 Mar 1929Henefer, Summit County, Utah I335
11 Peterson, Hannah Sophia  3 Jan 1932Henefer, Summit County, Utah I1149
12 Lythgoe, Otto  12 Sep 1985Henefer, Summit County, Utah I11703
13 Eddington, Carla Ophelia  13 Jul 2001Henefer, Summit County, Utah I2842


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Lythgoe, Brigham James  Henefer, Summit County, Utah I10768
2 Peterson, Hannah Sophia  Henefer, Summit County, Utah I1149
3 Stephens, Ruth Mary  Henefer, Summit County, Utah I11765
4 Heelis, Martha  16 Aug 1881Henefer, Summit County, Utah I336
5 Wilcock, Esther  17 Aug 1885Henefer, Summit County, Utah I340
6 Lythgoe, Rachel  11 May 1887Henefer, Summit County, Utah I850
7 Lythgoe, Elizabeth  May 1908Henefer, Summit County, Utah I849
8 Lythgoe, James  21 Mar 1929Henefer, Summit County, Utah I335
9 Lythgoe, Neils Peterson  27 Jan 1978Henefer, Summit County, Utah I8983

Baptized (LDS)

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptized (LDS)    Person ID 
1 Lythgoe, Joseph  8 Sep 1875Henefer, Summit County, Utah I827


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Lythgoe / Bennett  24 Aug 1971Henefer, Summit County, Utah F6830