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Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut



Latitude: 41.1408363, Longitude: -73.2612615


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Abigail  Abt 1671Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8683
2 Bennett, Isaac  Abt 1685Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8686
3 Bennett, James  Abt 1645Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8323
4 Bennett, James  Abt 1668Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8682
5 Bennett, John  Abt 1648Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8691
6 Bennett, Joseph  Abt 1675Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8684
7 Bennett, Mary  20 Jan 1651Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8692
8 Bennett, Mary  1673Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8335
9 Bennett, Sarah  1677Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8685
10 Bennett, Thomas  Abt 1669Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8326
11 GALPIN  1658Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8371
12 GALPIN  1660Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8374
13 GALPIN, Esther  1658Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8373
14 Joy, Abraham  Abt 1652/1653Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8702
15 Joy, Joseph  1651Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8701
16 SQUIRE, George  1647Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I14470
17 SQUIRE, John  1649Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I14471
18 SQUIRE, Phillip  Abt 1642Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I14467
19 SQUIRES, Thomas  11 Mar 1643Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I14469


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Hannah  Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8694
2 Bennett, Isaac  Abt 1685Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8686
3 Bennett, James  Abt 1645Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8323
4 Bennett, James  Abt 1668Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8682


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Hannah  29 Oct 1650Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8689
2 Bennett, Isaac  Aft 1762Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8686
3 Bennett, James  Apr 1659Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8687
4 Bennett, James  6 Oct 1736Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8323
5 Bennett, Mary  1654/1659Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8692
6 Bennett, Sarah  1626Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8693
7 Bennett, Thomas  1704Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8690
8 Fitch, Sarah  1696Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I7435
9 HALSEY, Ann  20 Oct 1659Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8265
10 Joy, Mary  Oct 1736Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8681
11 MALLORY, Mary  17 Sep 1752Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I12002
12 MALLORY, Peter  30 Aug 1698Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I10660
13 Preston, Mary  Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I7050
14 Preston, Mary  Dec 1690Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I10303
15 SEABROOK, Alice  1635Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I9054
16 Seeley, Nathaniel  28 Mar 1688Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8736
17 Smith, Elizabeth  Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8364
18 SQUIRE, George  1674Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I14470
19 SQUIRE, George  9 Aug 1691Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I14465
20 SQUIRE, John  1674Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I14471
21 SQUIRE, Samuel  8 Nov 1711Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I14464
22 SQUIRES, Thomas  9 Apr 1712Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I14469
23 WHEELER, Hannah  1639Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8688
24 WHEELER, John [SGT]  5 Apr 1690Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8711
25 WHEELER, Sarah  21 Aug 1669Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8712


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Isaac  Aft 1762Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8686
2 Bennett, James  Abt 1707Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I8682
3 SQUIRE, George  Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I14465
4 SQUIRE, Samuel  Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I14464
5 TUTTLE, David  Bef 1752Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I12473
6 TUTTLE, Sarah  Nov 1676Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I9817


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bennett / LEWIS  1690Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F4188
2 Bennett / Thompson  Abt 1664Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F4197
3 Birdseye / WILCOXSON  11 Dec 1669Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F6188
4 MALLORY / Preston  12 Mar 1648Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F5128
5 MINER / Booth  19 Oct 1658Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F4150
6 OSBORN / Bennett  1673Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F4200
7 WILCOXSON / Birdseye  28 Dec 1664Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F6163