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Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut



Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hard, Parmelia  Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I13201
2 KIMBERLY, Gideon  Abt 1703Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I9904
3 KIMBERLY, Mary  Abt 1710Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7410
4 KIMBERLY, Gideon  Abt 1715Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7412
5 KIMBERLY, Abijah  14 Jan 1714/1715Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7411
6 Bennett, Bethia  1716Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8679
7 KIMBERLY, Prudence  Abt 1716Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7413
8 Bennett, Ephraim  1718Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8680
9 KIMBERLY, Thomas  Abt 1714/1718Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7414
10 Hard, James Captain  1721Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7010
11 Hard, Jaoh  1725Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I11821
12 Booth, Ann  Abt 1727Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8768
13 Booth, Esther  27 Dec 1727Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7011
14 Hard, Amos  Sep 1730Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7239
15 Booth, Daniel  1 Oct 1730Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8769
16 Booth, Sarah  Abt 1733Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8770
17 Hard, Abraham  1733Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7238
18 Booth, Abraham  Abt 1735Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8771
19 Hard, Ann  1735Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I9894
20 Hard, Hannah  1735Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I9895
21 Hard, John  1735Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7240
22 Hard, Zaddock  1736/1737Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7269
23 Booth, Eunice  Abt 1738Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8772
24 Booth, Naomi  Abt 1741Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8773
25 Hard, Elizabeth  Abt 1741Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I9897
26 Booth, Ezra  3 Mar 1744Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8774
27 Hard, Lois  12 May 1748Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I9898
28 Hard, Elisha  22 May 1749Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7008
29 Hard, Philo  17 Aug 1750Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I11823
30 Hard, Pantheria or Parthena  14 Apr 1754Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7270
31 Hard, James  24 Feb 1755Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I13196
32 Hard, James IV  8 Feb 1756Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I356
33 Hard  12 Dec 1757Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I11818
34 Hard, Agur  22 Oct 1759Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I11819


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Fitch, Abigail  Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7031
2 KIMBERLY, Abigail  Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7406
3 KIMBERLY, Gideon  Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I9904
4 Kimberley, Abraham  Bef 26 Jul 1727Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7030
5 MANSFIELD, Mercy  Aft 1734Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I12221
6 Bennett, Thomas  5 Apr 1739Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8326
7 Booth, Mary  14 Sep 1741Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8284
8 Booth, Ann  26 Oct 1749Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8768
9 Hard, James  1758Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7026
10 KIMBERLY, Abiah  1757/1758Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I9911
11 KIMBERLY, Sarah  22 Sep 1758Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7408
12 Hard, James  13 Jun 1766Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7014
13 KIMBERLY, Abraham  1 Jun 1772Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I7407
14 Booth, Abel  10 Apr 1774Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8353
15 Bennett, Rebecca  28 Jul 1778Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8382
16 Bennett, Ephraim  7 Oct 1779Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8680
17 KIMBERLY, Hannah  Oct 1781Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I9406
18 Booth, Sarah  22 Feb 1783Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8770
19 Bennett, Abraham  1784Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8675
20 Bennett, Anna  3 Jun 1784Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8677
21 Booth, Jonathan  27 May 1790Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8355
22 Booth, Eunice  18 Feb 1795Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8772
23 Booth, Daniel  1 Apr 1814Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8769
24 Booth, Abraham  20 Aug 1815Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut I8771


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hard / TOMLINSON  1694Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut F3457
2 BOTSFORD / Bennett  9 Jan 1718Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut F4181
3 KIMBERLY / ADAMS  31 Oct 1725Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut F4768
4 Bennett / BOTSFORD  6 Apr 1726Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut F4183
5 Booth / Sherman  Nov 1738Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut F4022
6 Bennett / Baldwin  19 Jun 1745Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut F4185
7 Dunning / KIMBERLY  19 Jul 1750Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut F4776
8 Hard / MUNSEE  7 Nov 1751Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut F4763
9 Hard / CURTIS  25 Dec 1753Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut F4761
10 PECK / Booth  13 Mar 1757Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut F4236
11 Hard / NOBLE  5 Dec 1762Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut F4766

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