Thomas and Mary Lythgoe

From With Book and Plow: History of a Mormon Settlement, by Mark N. Partridge

Thomas Lythgoe was born at Porterville, Utah, October 5, 1867. He spent his younger years herding sheep with his brother. They took sheep for their pay until they had a large herd of their own. Then one cold winter, all their sheep died. Mary Harston was born December 21, 1872. She and Thomas were married October 11, 1894. They lived in Salt Lake City four years then began farming at Granger.

In 1900, they came as pioneers to northern Wyoming and settled in Cowley. Their children at that time were Leo, Myrtle, and Vera. They had three more children in Cowley: Eldred, Elva, and George. The youngest child, George, died when three weeks old.

Thomas worked constructing railroad in 1901, but most of his life he was a farmer and a sheepman. He was part owner of the first grain thresher owned in Cowley. Mary always kept her home and children neat and clean. She was a member of the Relief Society Presidency and taught in Primary. She died January 8, 1908.

Eight years after Mary's death, Thomas married Eliza R. King Black, a widow with six children. Two children, Wilson and Irene, were born from this marriage. They lived on their ranch near the river southeast of Cowley where they farmed, raised sheep, and milked cows. Thomas died December 19, 1955.