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Bootleggers Apprehended

Robert Walter Weech
Actual headline, May 5, 1916

Mount Pleasant Pyramid, May 5, 1916

R.W. Weech was arrested last Friday morning by City Marshall S.M. Nielsen charging Weech and one of his clerks of bootlegging.

The complaint set forth that Newton Clemensen had unlawfully sold liquor to Levi Christensen on the 25th day of April. Mr. Weech and Mr. Clemensen appeared before City Justice Thomas West and entered a plea of "not guilty" to the charge.

Later in the day the marshall secured a Search Warrant and called County Sheriff J.M. Burns to assist him in searching the Weech Drug Store for liquor. The two officers found approximately $400.00 worth of liquor in the basement of the drug store.

The liquor was turned over to the Sheriff who took it to Manti with three auto trucks.

On Saturday the defendants appeared before the Justice and changed their plea to "guilty."

A fine of $100 was imposed upon Newton Clemensen for his part in the transaction and Mr. Weech was fined $299.00, the maximum penalty which could be imposed under the circumstances. The ordinance provides that a jail sentence can not be imposed upon a principal for the actions of his agent.

County Attorney George Christensen has set the date of May 13 for the appearance of the druggist in the District Court to show why the confiscated liquor should not be destroyed according to law, it being far in excess of the amount of liquor which a druggist should carry for legitimate business.