History of Ann Mitchell McCluskey Moss

Ann Mitchell McCluskey Moss
Ann Mitchell McCluskey Moss

[There is a question whether her name was Ann Mitchell or Ann McCluskey]
(The question could be due to the fact that her mother’s name was Ann Mitchell - DJL)

Submitted by Katie Boam Fairbanks, a great granddaughter of Ann Mitchell McCluskey

She was born 1st January 1813 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. She is the child of Michel [sic] McCluskey and Ann Mitchell McCluskey. She married William Jackson Moss on 1st December 1828 at St. George, East London, Surry, England. She was the mother of 15 children. They were all born in England. Eight of those children died before Michael and Ann left for America. They were Catherine – born in 1831; William – in 1832; John – in 1834; Catherine – in 1837; James – in 1838; James – in 1843; Sarah – in 1849; and Elizabeth – in 1853.

Michael [sic - should read William] and Ann, seven children and two grandchildren sailed from England 3 June 1864 for New York, in America. There were 863 souls on board this ship and it was an 1800 ton one.

We had very meager sources to get any information about her. She, her husband and 7 children, came to Salt Lake City, Utah, and lived in the Northeast part of the city.


Moss – In this city, January 10th, 1887, of old age, Ann, wife of William J. Moss, aged 74 years. Deceased was born in 1813, received the Gospel in 1853, and emigrated to Utah in 1864; she died in full faith of the Gospel. The funeral service will be held in the Eleventh Ward school house on Thursday next, at 1 p.m.