Notes on Ane and Hans Sorensen

By Janet W. Sorensen

Ane & Hans met in Copenhagen, Denmark at an LDS service. Ane came to America first, 1886-87. Worked for 3 years, then sent for Hans. Lived first on 14th No. Bought a home, but lost it. Settled in a small "shack", 17th So. & Redwood Road.

The two came to Copenhagen at about 14 years old.

Married in Logan Temple in 1890.

Aunt Mae [was their] 2nd child. Practical nurse. Brought babies. Had a number of proposals.

She (Ane) was working as a maid in a wealthy home. Two missionaries came to the door & invited her to meeting. She was baptized and met Hans there. Hans was a hod-carrier most of his life. Then worked for S.L. Street Dept. until in his 80s.

Ane & Hans Sorensen were Grandpa Duke's parents.

Got left over food from restaurant to feed hogs-Uncle Ed did. Earned $18 for one year.

Never had a Saturday to play in (the boys-Duke too), but swam Saturday night in the Surplus Canal.

On Sunday they could play ball from 2-4, then had to do chores and get ready for church at 6:30.